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Discussion in 'Requests' started by tsm1248, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. tsm1248

    tsm1248 New Member

    well im looking for a team of web designers mostly in photoshop and flash i know the following html/css/jquery/some javascript very little php and ajax also i know how to create wordpress theme fully so we would be pritty much set if we get a designer so basically im just really good at coding im justlooking for a team now and i have a template in mind i have made and if anybody wants to join the team then by all means email me [email protected]aol.com
    or aim [email protected] and we will talk and see your talents and see if we can use you as of right now there are 3 people all together 6 or 5 people would be good

    thanks hope to here from people soon

    here is a link to the layout i have made just to show u http://etech-hq.info/images/blog%20layout.png
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  2. Lally Nettie

    Lally Nettie New Member

    We need a flash designer to build an animation sequence. A bird's eye view of a city (think google maps), that zooms in focusing on about 4-6 blocks. Then two different color lines representing tracking the movments of men and women walking around those blocks. And when they stop at a particular place, the line ends with a glowing dot. Mostly animation with minor actionscript. This needs to be slick looking so a designer with AS skills is preferred, not the other way around. The movie is roughly 500x400px. Need to see samples of your work. Will provide sketches. Thanks.

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