Looking for a person to design me a layout! & need a Artist

Discussion in 'Requests' started by rah33m, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. rah33m

    rah33m New Member

    I am currently working on my mma text based game(dont wanna give too much away as i dont want someone to rip my idea before i finish) anyways my design skills are flawed and i am in need of someone to design me a couple things

    -I need the ufc logo copied http://www.mmalinker.com/wiki/images/5/5f/Ufc_logo.jpg but the letter U changed to O and Ultimate changed to Online

    -I need a homepage/login page done(i would use the same design for the reg page)

    -The actually game layout(the menu the stats bar ect again just the design i can do the rest)

    I could easily reuse the layout to make all the pages.

    -So you just gotta change one picture make 1 design for the login page and 1 design for the game and I will just re use them.

    It would be a one time job.

    I also need a artist which would be a long term part time job duties include:
    -Base model of a male
    -Different color underwear
    -different color shorts

    I am on a tight budget but can afford to pay. I need these done asap as I am almost finished the game and want to launch within 3 months.
    Contact me on msn at [email protected] we can discuss more details and exact price.

  2. consultingpalac

    consultingpalac Banned


    Are you ready to begin the project?
  3. ahabstein

    ahabstein New Member

    I am ready for u!

    Hey i am ready for u at any cost!!
  4. asdfghjkl

    asdfghjkl New Member

    Want to start this project right now. :):eek:

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