Logo with pixels?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by manu40, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. manu40

    manu40 New Member

    I like the approach Opera took on some of their logo concepts, this one in particular. Is this just done with random squares or is their an actual name for the effect done here? Im just assuming its a pixelated look. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  2. TickleMeCthulhu

    TickleMeCthulhu New Member

    Right off the bat, I can think of one way to do this.

    In Photoshop, make your grid visible:
    View --> Show --> Grid

    Set your grid setting to something small in Preferences:
    Preferences--> Guides, Grid, Slices, & Count... --> Grid: Gridline every: 10 pixels(or whatever)

    Set "snap to grid":
    View --> Snap , and then make sure that in "Snap to" that "Grid" is selected.

    in your image, use the rectangular marquee tool to cut out the desired area(the quadrant of the "O" in your image above) and then use the same marquee tool to select and fill individual squares with the same color. The marquee should snap nicely to the confines of the grid sectors, insuring an aligned pixel look when you're done.

    Well, that's one way, anyway.


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