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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by tommyjim11, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. tommyjim11

    tommyjim11 New Member

    Over the last month I have been busy doing link exchange and getting links back to my site. Mainly reciprocal, directories, search engines and a few one-way back links.

    I ran the link report in Web CEO for my index page which gave the following results:
    MSN 234 - Yahoo 11 - Google 0.

    Now, this is telling me something. Is it that MSN are not so fussy as the other two in recognising any form of link back as an authority for the website. Thereby making it easier to obtain top ranking positions for chosen keyword phrases that are the anchor text in the link.

    If so, to be successful with Yahoo and Google do you have to concentrate on getting top quality, relevant one-way back links. Like making sure the site that has a link to you uses your keywords in their title and anchor text etc. And that sites that link to that site also have keyword relevant content/links etc.

    This isn't taking into account on-page optimization.

    I await your comments with interest.
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  2. ISDProductions

    ISDProductions New Member

    yes and no.... What your numbers tell you is how quickly MSN, Yahoo, and Google display the data they have obtained about your site. As a genereal rule (not supported by anything, but my own experience) MSN search updates and displays its search database much quicker than google and yahoo(as shown through your numbers). To have a "real" feel for how many links these search engines have found that point to your site, you will have to wait until each search engine updates its database for search. Also, each search engine does not necessarily have the same search index. meaning some pages that link to you, that MSN see's, Google might not, because that page is not in it's index.Concentrating on getting one way, high quality links from sites with like content is best for all search engines, and trading 100 links from low page rank sites without like content may not even help you at all (not much atleast) Search engines have smart people behind them, and they know about link exchanges. Also your questions assumes (atleast seems that way to me) that MSN, Google, and Yahoo all place the same emphasis on the amount of links pointing to your site. I have some 0 page rank sites that get tons of hits from MSN, and I have some High page rank sites that hardly ever get any hits from Yahoo or MSN. This doesn't even get into demographics, such as which search engine is more likely to have someone who would search for your keywords use it. So it is very hard to make any assumptions that just because certain Search engines displays more linkbacks, that it would be possible to build have a higher rank for those keywords or a huge amount of traffic for you (sorry). Each search engine has its own method for listing keyword results. There are many places on the web where you can find more info, one place I use to visit alot is they have alot of great resources.
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  3. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

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  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    msn is easier to rank in a top position than yahoo and both appear to be easier than google from my personal experience.
  5. Greatlinks

    Greatlinks New Member

    Don't worry so much about one way backlinks. That's not all google and yahoo want to see. There are many factors in the algorhythm. Does your anchor text for your links jive with your main keywords you're optimizting? Also, did you check your main keywords for their frequenty of use?
  6. NYCFreeRentCom

    NYCFreeRentCom New Member

    I personally hate google. When you search for anything you dont even get any relevant search result. For instance, I have domain and in my keywords, title, text all over the site "Empire Apartments" keyword and when you search for it on google you will not even see it. Whats the deal? lol

    BTW. I have a free link exchange at:
    incase anyone wanna post it there. Search Engines index your posting pretty quick too.
  7. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    probably because it is just a pr3 at the moment.
  8. sara brawn

    sara brawn New Member

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