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Discussion in 'Requests' started by kittykattz, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. kittykattz

    kittykattz New Member

    To explain my site; it is going to basically be about me trying to meet the Jonas Brothers. So, basically, it's going to be a JB Fansite. I'm done basically all of the content, but I need help with the layout. If possible it'd be great if you could make/code a layout.

    Some pictures: (feel free to find your own, but make sure they're RECENT!)

    And since I doubt you guys know the Jonas Brothers, recent basically means when they all have long hair. (ex.: jonas/jonas_brothers_1176843095.jpg)

    I really like this site's general layout setup:
    Only difference would be I don't need that complicated drop-down menu for the links. Just leave me some space under the main picture/above main text. Also, I want the left column to be smaller than the right on the front page, and the other pages I only want one column.

    Color Scheme:
    Shades of blues and white would be nice. :3

    *It's hosted with and the domain name is (but that may change, if I can xD)

    If you have any other questions go ahead and ask!
  2. Pineway

    Pineway New Member


    I know its been along time since you made this request but if your still looking for someone? drop me a PM


  3. outsourcenepal

    outsourcenepal New Member

    we can help you out
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    pm me
    or mail me at
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