Just finished my first website!!!

Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by rodney84, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. rodney84

    rodney84 New Member


    I am new to web design so bear with me. I have finished a website using
    dreamweaver for a
    friends, parents building business. However it looks OK and they seem
    pleased with it. (which is good) considering it's my first website I am

    quite pleased with my efforts. However I would like people to take a
    look and tell me what is nice about it but also bad as well. The more i

    look at it the more I am critical of it.


    Also, I woudl like to know how much people woudl charge for a site like

    this. No database, just some simple HTML pages.

    Look forward to your feedback
  2. roister2

    roister2 New Member

    It seems fine but you just got to make a margin on your table...
  3. Duke Nukem

    Duke Nukem New Member

    Your site is nice. Just add some padding to the tables. :)
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I would try and make the Hillstop Builders logo area at the top more streamlined.
  5. skippytim

    skippytim New Member

    Make the Gradient go vertical 90 degrees UP, it will look better.

    I can design a way better template for you free if you let me put my copyright on it; but I have never been able to do the navigation bars like that? How'd you do that?
  6. rodney84

    rodney84 New Member

    The customer is pleased with the way it has turned out but I am interested in your templates. I will not use them for this website but maybe for future ones as I hate coming up with ideas for templates. It's frustrating trying to make it look good.

    Could you send me some examples?

    E-mail: [email protected]

    menu was done using www.flashmenufactory.com

  7. steve_h75

    steve_h75 New Member

    Seems a nice site for the intended audience.

    Maybe add some written testimonials to the gallary section (people always like to read them especially where builders are concerned).

    In terms of design, for me the header section is just a bit too big, how about reduce the space around the Hillstreetbuilders logo? Or align the logo to the left and put the picture next to it (obviously reduced size)?

    Good work though.

  8. kay

    kay New Member

    Really like it. Like others I think your content is too close to the edge. Border or margins are good idea. Less is more. There should be 50% less information on a webpage than there is on normal printed material. I am also new to web design but I am really impressed with your work. Keep up the good work.
  9. srinoo

    srinoo New Member

    make the header part into pieces...and change the navigation text links fonts...make them bit smaller...
  10. cw17s0n

    cw17s0n New Member

    Not bad, definitely better than my first :) first thing I think i would change is in the menu, I think it would be best to have a rolloff function instead of just leaving the rollover activated, also some links have clicks some do not I didnt notice a reason for segregating the different links so they should all be consistent, Next would be the color scheme, the use of the solid primary colors (red/blue) dont feel like they mesh well with the colors of the menu, my last suggestion would be to flip flop the FMB image to the right and the image of the people to the left and continue the rest of the way down, the red dot just keeps drawing my eye back to that spot each time i come back to the beginning of a line.

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