Is unlimited hosting a lie

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by Mediumcube, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Mediumcube

    Mediumcube New Member

    I had heard many webhosting services which offers its uses unlimited bandwidth and space. However I am nit sure whether it is practically possible to offer its users unlimited bandwidth and space even if the websites of their clients become hyper popular.
  2. DHDdirect

    DHDdirect New Member

    A more proper term is "unmetered" but even still these companies probably have a fair use policy because servers do have limited resources no matter how they want to word it.

    You can also google the term "overselling" which is what these companies are doing. In short, overselling is the act of selling or promising more resources that a server or servers has in the hopes that the majority of clients never utilize a fraction of what is allotted.

    It's a piss poor way of running a business and could potentially slow down services or even crash them.

    But you should be aware of this considering you have been providing hosting services since 2001.
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  3. stach14

    stach14 New Member

    AGREED 100%, period.
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    they usually say unlimited, but when you read the fine print, it really is limited in some way. so for instance they say you can have unlimited bandwidth but in the fine print, it says you cannot have more than x number of simultaneous connections to the database, or some other type of restriction. then again, some offer an actual limit which are just as deceiving, because of some other limitation meaning you can never get close to using that amount of bandwidth.
  5. constanthosting

    constanthosting New Member

    Yeah, You have to be careful with "unlimited" stuff. Nothing is unlimited in life.

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