Is it possible to make it responsive?


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If you want to make a responsive website, you will generally hire a website development company that will solve all your problem-related websites.
Responsive web design is an approach in which the website should respond to the user, and the website should best fit with all the devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile, etc.
Can a website designed with multiple video clips on any section a page be made responsive / mobile friendly?
Currently it is not Mobile friendly, yes its is possible CSS optimization require, and it looks Good as today's era is of the Mobile users, and future too... Must focus on it, definitely get best results with ROI, also make sure to Optimize for the Google Page Speed.


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Yes, it is possible to design a website with multiple video clips on any section of a page to be responsive/mobile-friendly.

To make such a website responsive, the following techniques can be applied:

  1. Use a responsive design framework: There are several responsive design frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize that provide pre-designed CSS classes for making web pages responsive. These frameworks can be used to create a responsive layout for the website.
  2. Use responsive images and videos: Images and videos can be optimized for different screen sizes using the "srcset" and "sizes" attributes. This will allow the browser to select the appropriate image or video based on the device's screen size.
  3. Use CSS media queries: CSS media queries can be used to apply different styles to a web page based on the screen size. This can be used to adjust the layout and size of the videos based on the device's screen size.
  4. Test the website on different devices: It's important to test the website on different devices to ensure that it is responsive and mobile-friendly. This will help identify any issues and allow for necessary adjustments to be made.
Looking at the example website,, it appears to have been designed with responsive techniques in mind, as it adapts well to different screen sizes. The videos on the website are also optimized for different screen sizes, which helps ensure that the website remains user-friendly and easy to navigate on different devices.