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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by AusQB, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. AusQB

    AusQB New Member

    Does anyone know a good tutorial for making images with an effect similar to that of the icons on an iPhone? I'm not trying to make the icons themselves, I'm trying to replicate the effect on a larger size.
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  2. DimitriDV

    DimitriDV New Member

    you need to search for rounded rectangle tool + extra layer in white with opacity 15%
    also, duplicate layer + contract 5 pixels for example...
  3. PixelPusher

    PixelPusher Super Moderator Staff Member

    The shiny glare effect right?

    AusQB look for a tutorial about "plastic buttons" or "glassy buttons". Tutorial 9 and PSDTutsplus are some great resources. But there are many others.
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  4. Strike Designs

    Strike Designs New Member

    You could try searching iStock for suitable icons - they're available in vector format, for easy editing and are available at very reasonable prices on a royalty free licence. Here's a quick link to the icons that are available there:

    iStock icon graphics

    Hope that helps!
  5. PixelPusher

    PixelPusher Super Moderator Staff Member

    AusQB, those two sites i recommended are good, and if you are wanting to make them on a larger scale (or scalable at all for that matter) I would use the vector drawing tools in Ps. Remember we spoke about that before, in reagrds to the use of anchors and drawing consistent curves.
    Then apply the "glossy" effects with layer styles. This way when you re-size them they should all stay clear and proportional.
  6. Iconomania

    Iconomania New Member

    We use icons from
    sibcode.com in our iPhone apps.

    I also found some good icons here:

    Happy developing.
  7. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    This would help a lot! If you are looking for a shinny glare effect!
  8. che09

    che09 New Member

    This would help you in doing what you like. Knowing it wont affect if you re-size it,it's a good pick!

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