information about my site - howd i get it?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by ehostingcomplete, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. ehostingcomplete

    ehostingcomplete New Member

    does anybody know any decent websites where i can find out what i rank (if listed) for certain keyword; also one that tells me the number of inbound links to my site ect??

  2. [ASU]SHiDO

    [ASU]SHiDO New Member

    Hi There Ill Help

    if you want to know where to get info abou your site i have a crakin program i got free from its called web ceo

    ill give you you addy for ity ok

    o by the way just use the free version

    its the mutts nutts

    here DL this

    this prog has helped me no end
    have a look at my site and my page ranks .. it never helped me get those page ranks i just like to show people them .. i used to be a builder and taught my self web design

    now i have a decent web design company
    you will notice there is only 1 site without a page rank in my folio and also have a look here

    this is a gaming clan where the name ASU shido comes from

    ok thats it
    got off topic there
    sorry but DL that app and enjoy

    ps i forgot to say get this too its like a free directory and it getts you hundreds of inbound links to your site
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