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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Soxster, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Soxster

    Soxster New Member

    I'm a very basic web designer .. my own little business and do my own site.

    I'm wondering if someone may know "user friendly" programs that make a graphic transparent ... to delete the background whether t be actual background of a photo or just the white square around the graphic.

    Any help would be appreciated alot !

    thank you
  2. anna

    anna New Member

    How user friendly are we talking here? You label yourself as a web designer, right? Do you know Photoshop or Fireworks?
  3. Soxster

    Soxster New Member

    Well ... I design and maintain a website .. so I guess that officially makes me a web designer right ? LOL I am very basic and use Frontpage ... but I do have Fireworks ... just got it and not very familiar with it ... any ideas Anna ? Thanks much !
  4. chrisbkrh

    chrisbkrh New Member

    Hey Soxter - I personally don't know of any programs out there that essentially allow you to load up the image and spit out a transparent gif file or png file. However, don't let someone rip you off by charging you a bundle to convert an image either. It's very easy. Google .gif transparency and .png transparency and see if you can teach yourself. If you ever want to spend a little $ and spruce up your site, message me.
  5. anna

    anna New Member

    Well...It's not really a rip off if the business you're in is design. Buying a program like photoshop will pay for itself in the end (or even better, buying the creative or web premium suite).

    Anyway, here is a link I found that may help (using fireworks)

    or this

    I just googled "make an image transparent using fireworks" and a bunch of tutorials popped up. Good luck! Feel free to message me with questions. I'll help you (as much as possible, after all I am new as well) spruce up your site, and I won't even charge anything! :)
  6. ishie

    ishie New Member

    Try using GIMP! this tool makes it easy to create a transparent image.
  7. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member

    open the image in photoshop
    create new layer and each image in each layer and adjust opacity.

    hope that helped
  8. Web1

    Web1 New Member

    In Fireworks the wand tool will select the background for you and you can then delete it. It selects areas based on color match, so great if you have a solid colour you want to remove so you are left with transparent BG. But it does not works so accurately with complex backgrounds. You have to remove as much as you can with the wand, then tidy up by hand with the eraser. You then need to export it as a PNG as jpg does not support transparent. Or if its a solid colours logo for example you can export as a gif with index transparency.

    Gimp does very similar, and its free.
  9. doreen2k

    doreen2k New Member

    photoshop is really user friendly, you can do anything in images with it
  10. brynmuzika

    brynmuzika Member

    Yes this is the very simple one to make a transparent image. I'm with Adobe Photoshop also. :D
  11. JohnTriger

    JohnTriger Banned

    y don'T u try Gimp BUDDY

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