Independent Graphic Designer for Plasma Neon Sign

Discussion in 'Requests' started by etrusa, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. etrusa

    etrusa New Member

    Independent Graphic Designer for Plasma Neon Sign

    We are a midsized Plasma Neon Sign (PNS) manufacturer in need of talented independent designers familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Designers will be in charge of creating PNS images which will be sold worldwide as well as in US market. Applicants must be hard working, friendly, have keen eyes for color and detail, and organized. We are willing to train on how to optimize your designs for PNS.

    This is an independent position. So Income will vary depending on how much time you spend on the project. For more detailed information, please visit or send email to [email protected]

    Salary: Based on Commission (30% of a margin per sales)

    What is Plasma Neon Sign (PNS)?
    The Plasma Neon Sign is a state-of-the-art PDP (Plasma Display Panel) that ETR has developed. It is also ETR's proprietary product, which is the first of its kind in the world, and replaces the existing image display market. It consists of two transparent glass plates that display fine graphic images on both sides of the panel. This exceptional product offers unique professional features for advertisement, interior decoration, and construction. Plasma Neon Sign does not contain mercury. Images are not displayed by indirect illumination but, rather, illuminate themselves by means of electric discharging.

    Job Responsibilities

     Design high quality, clean, attractive layouts and graphics.
     Produce designs focused on usefulness and marketability.
     Strong design skills including good understanding of layout, color, and typography.
     Ability to turn complex ideas into simple solutions.
     Good written and verbal communication skills.
  2. wachtn

    wachtn New Member

    I met a graphic artist just last week. The next time I see her I will ask of she is interested in this kind of work. Is there an email address or phone number I can give her for you or should I send her to this thread?
  3. Dima

    Dima New Member

    I sent you an e-mail.

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