I Want to Become a Web Designer in NYC: Need Advice About Schooling Plz

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by megatron, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. megatron

    megatron New Member

    I 'm a New Yorker and I want to go into web design. I've always been pretty creative, used to draw, paint and even did some decent websites a few years ago. Now, I want to switch career paths (public school teacher) and go all the way into it.

    Here is my goal in a year or two: score an internship, paid or unpaid, doesn't matter, to get my foot into the door.

    What's the best way I should do this?

    I figure I have two routes (let me know if there's more, I'm sure there are, I'm a newb):

    1) Go get an Associates in a school like this: The Arts Institute of New York for Web Design & Interactive Media

    - Reputable program that will land a good internship, possibly even before completion of program (this is what happened to my g/f)
    - You study all aspects of media design including animation, photoshop, illustrator and video production.
    - Study Javascript, Flash and Actionscript.
    - Rigorous portfolio program

    - Long: around 3 years to complete: 100 credits
    - Doesn't cover much about PHP and other Web Development (server side) stuff.
    - Expensive: $58,000 (scholarships are available: too bad I'm white and don't have a vagina, though).

    2) Get a certificate from Noble Desktop in NYC in Web Development. All these classes will take only 1 year to compete.

    - Short: 1 year
    - Much Cheaper: $6,500 (although no Gov't Student Loans: hopefully they have a payment plan)
    - Covers web Design AND Development: PHP, JavaScript/JQuery
    - Covers Wordpress, Flash and Actionsctipt and more.

    - No gov't loans.
    - Compressed: Some classes have a maximum of 6 sessions and others have a maximum of only two.
    - Might not look as good on the resume as the Associates from the school above and hence:
    - Might be tougher to score an internship and that foot in the door.

    What do you guys think?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. DotCom

    DotCom New Member


    You can go to school but i honestly feel that, that is a waste of time. The only thing yu get out of a school that i have found are the loans, grants and the schools never crashing equipment as well as an environment that adds the potential of finding partners and developing something with each other. Schools are great places for networking. However jobs don't care if you have a degree in web development, they care that you know what you are doing.

    You can get your certificates from the W3C (The Governing Body Of Web Standards) for 100$ each, you can even get other certificates from MSDN in .Net etc...If you are going to do something in computer technology. i suggest you get a degree in Computer Science and Networking. But development is not really worth it because you can learn it all on your own and it isn't hard to learn, its stupid easy.

    Here are some resources (some are free, some you have to pay)

    (These 3 are probably thee best things i have ever studied)
    1.) The Missing Manuals,

    2.) Site Point,

    3.) Head First Labs

    Also here is my curriculum (I built it myself) - Some of these are books, some are video courses - A majority downloaded from thepiratebay.se :) (Some i had to buy)

    1.0) - General Foundations 1
    1.0.1 Web Design Confidential
    1.0.2 Head First Web Design (A Brain Friendly Guide)
    1.0.3 CSS The Missing Manual
    1.0.4 Web Design Fundamentals - Lynda
    1.0.5 Save The Pixel - Ben Hunt
    1.0.6 XML Essential Training with Joe Marini - Lynda
    1.0.7 Real-World XML with Joe Marini - Lynda
    1.0.8 Wiley-Smashing CSS 2010 (I Went Through Another CSS Book Just For Fun, As CSS is what makes up the look and feel of yoru site and it is good practice)

    2.0) - Aesthetic Foundations
    2.0.1 Digital Tutors - Color Theory - Design & Art Series
    2.0.2 Color Theory The Mechanics Of Color
    2.0.3 Neuro Web Design, What makes them click
    2.0.4 The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design - Site Point

    3.0) - General Foundations 2
    3.0.1 HTML5 First Look - Lynda
    3.0.2 Lynda.com - CSS3 First Look
    3.0.3 JavaScript Essential Training (2011) with Simon Allardice - Lynda
    3.0.4 jQuery_Essential_Training
    3.0.5 VTC HTML5 CSS3 JQuery
    3.0.6 Foundations of Programming Fundamentals with Simon Allardice - Lynda
    3.0.7 Foundations of Programming Object-Oriented Design with Simon Allardice - Lynda
    3.0.8 Head First Java Script
    3.0.9 HTML5 Structure, Syntax, and Semantics - Lynda
    3.0.10 HTML5 Web Forms in Depth - Lynda
    3.0.11 Javascript Patterns
    3.0.12 John Wiley and Sons - JavaScript in 10 Steps or Less
    3.0.13 Practical and Effective JavaScript - Lynda
    3.0.14 Designing Web Pages In A Nutshell - O'Rielly

    4.0) - Multi Media Foundations
    4.0.1 Photoshop CS5 Quick Start
    4.0.2 The Photoshop CS5 Pocket Guide (7Summits)
    4.0.3 Photoshop Top Secret

    Other Stuff
    Find, Pitch and Win Your First Web Design Client - Matthew Higgins
    10.2 The Buying Brain Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind
    10.3 Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer - What Works, What Doesn't, and Why

    Lynda has great courses on CMS (Content Managment Systems) Like Joomla and Drupal. You can start getting familier with that by using blogger, tumblr and a little more advanced one like wordpress. Also for fun you can make a quick set of cash sighning onto social networks that allow you to code design yoru profile. I used to always play with Vampirefreaks.com, myspace had it too but not anymore.

    Anything past X/HTML(5) CSS(3) and Java Script is really up to you. You can learn other fun stuff like silverlight, flex2, PHP, Python, Designing Responsive (mobile) sites etc...

    Some of the most popular is


    After you learn your basics (HTML, CSS & JS) i suggest you get into internet marketing because im sure you wont want to work for anyone else other than your self.

    are some of the best courses i took about it as well as from a guy named Anthony Morrison. He probably had the best course. However these guys are internet marketers so they make everything sound like a marketing campaign which brings questions to their legitimacy if your one who doesn't like Hype Talk. However i assure you these guys are legit.

    A great resource to go to for internet marketing is warriorforum.com

    PLEASE i just want you to be aware that internet marketing is the way out for anyone who learns web development, Whatever you do, keep your skills in the web development approach and discipline and not as an internet marketer. I suggest you only briefly read about what internet marketing is so you know that you can use your skills of web development on it, so you can create your own business. But don't get to into internet marketing until you learn your web skills. As the creative people we are, for some weird reason, Internet marketing gives us all of these crazy good ideas for websites and often times, you will have trouble focusing on just building one website. Dont even think about internet marketing until you have built yourself at least one website and have completed it and enjoy it and love it with everything you have.

    Hope i helped you. Good Luck and cheers! :)
  3. DotCom

    DotCom New Member

    There is "wayyy more" to my curriculum than that. I just wanted to give you the 101. You said you have experience in drawing so i didn't bother putting my drawing books/course up or anything else, it helps to learn flash, fireworks and illustrator as well. Just look through those resources and go through the descriptions so you know what you will need to study. It should seriously take you no more than 7 - 9 months to be good and about 1 year - 2 to be pro.
  4. megatron

    megatron New Member

    Whoa, thanks man. So much good info. :)
  5. DotCom

    DotCom New Member

  6. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler New Member

    I agree that teaching yourself is the best way to go. College, also in my experience, is absolutely useless. The only good you get is that pretty piece of paper that makes it harder for the human resource department to turn their nose up at you, but even then you need a nice resume or portfolio to back it up.
  7. megatron

    megatron New Member

    Thank you so much guys. I now have a much clearer pathway.
  8. marceleb19

    marceleb19 New Member


    I really recommend http://www.w3schools.com/ all the training is free it is extensive training that you do on your own time . It will start you with basic coding and take you trough all the aspects of web design . If you want a certificate of completion they will let you take a test for 95$ for each section . so for under 700$ you would be certified by w3 school for the following

    HTML Tutorials
    Learn HTML
    Learn HTML5
    Learn CSS
    Learn CSS3

    Browser Scripting
    Learn JavaScript
    Learn HTML DOM
    Learn jQuery
    Learn AJAX
    Learn JSON
    Learn Google Maps

    Server Scripting
    Learn PHP
    Learn SQL
    Learn ASP
    Learn ADO
    Learn VBScript

    Learn ASP.NET
    Learn Web Pages
    Learn Razor
    Learn MVC
    Learn Web Forms
    Learn .NET Mobile

    XML Tutorials
    Learn XML
    Learn DTD
    Learn XML DOM
    Learn XSLT
    Learn XPath
    Learn XQuery
    Learn XLink
    Learn XPointer
    Learn Schema
    Learn XSL-FO
    Learn SVG

    Web Services
    Learn Web Services
    Learn WSDL
    Learn SOAP
    Learn RSS
    Learn RDF

    Web Building
    Web Building
    Web Browsers
    Web Certification
    Web Hosting
    Web TCP/IP
    Web W3C
    Web Quality

    worth looking into
  9. thom

    thom New Member

    school? waste of money. You do not need any college, university to be great in anything what you do.
  10. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    can you just clarify for the rest of us, what part of "your" curriculum did you actually write? or is it not actually your curriculum but stuff you've flogged and are now reskinning as your own work? I'm confused. your terminology here is quite dodgy. and in any case what good is a big list with no links??? just a bit of a wank from what I can see.

    @marceleb19, I could think of a lot better things to waste $700 on. Do the tutorials by all means but to pay for a certificate from a resource which has been publicly mocked (see http://w3fools.com/ for an example, one of many...) which has no affiliation (besides a similar name) to w3.org would just be throwing your money down the drain.
  11. DotCom

    DotCom New Member

    Aww is phreaddee having a bad day?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012
  12. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Sooooo you steal your "material", but would like someone to put their trust in you.
  13. DotCom

    DotCom New Member

  14. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    And Alex Jones would be???

    Yes I know I could use Google, but I'm not really that interested in any case.
  15. marceleb19

    marceleb19 New Member

    Thank you for the info , I had a good read . In one of the web design schools here in Canada they would go on and on about using w3schools for references thanks for the info
  16. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    no, but your starting to piss me off.
    actually chris is one of the smartest and knowledgable member so this forum. I've never known him to be a hater, but like me gets annoyed with idiots, spammers, insincere folk, and those that don't listen, or those that claim to "know" seo...
  17. DotCom

    DotCom New Member

    hahaha you have allot of growing up to do son
  18. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler New Member

    Chrishirt's got a point. Piracy is theft no matter the content or intentions, and it's hard to build a reputation as a respectable and trustworthy character when you're known to do things dirty.
  19. che09

    che09 New Member

    Very well said. You can probably look for something more useful than this.
  20. megatron

    megatron New Member

    Thanks, very much again, guys.

    I've actually joined Lynda and coding CSS with codeAcademy.com right now.

    Made my plan to become a web designer and have been executing it for the past week.

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