I need to pick a domain name and host, Help

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Ken, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. Ken

    Ken New Member

    I want to make sure i get pick a name that people will want to come to, I have no experience in this or anything. But i want to get my own name b4 i start linking a lot and stuff. Link So any ideas or tips or stuff i could put in my url would be helpful.

    Next is hosting. I will look myself but I'll say what I'm looking for now,

    5-10Gb of space
    20 Gb bandwidth a month or more
    5 years old or more
    95% positive reviews
    and being able to upgrade my plan on the fly as needed would be nice.

    Sorry if i sound new i am.
  2. adamblan

    adamblan New Member

    When choosing a domain name there are 2 factors to keep in mind: memorability & SEO.
    By keeping the domain name short & pertinent, people will directly link to your url.
    The search engine factor has to do with search terms appearing in the url, i.e.
    www.pc_art.com is probably more relevant to a search for pc art than www.myworksinart.freehostia.com/

    For shared site hosting, I've tried several and am incredibly happy with the performance, service, and tools provided by inmotionhosting.com
  3. bullzeyedesign

    bullzeyedesign New Member

    whenever choosing domain names, i think it's a good idea to say your domain out loud (as if you were telling someone what your website address is on the telephone).

    if it's hard to understand and you have to keep spelling it, etc. you might want to pick something else.
  4. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    domain names are like your business name. you want simple, clear and focused to your target clientel.

    "bobs trees cut down in fifteen minutes or you betcha its so free that my wife isn't sleeping with someone else" is a bad choice for a company name, domain or anything else (for multiple reasons but the biggest being it's length) where as "bob's tree service" is much better, to the point and you know what he does. so consider that when making your domain name.

    I don't have any suggestions for your domain since if you are going for pc art, you can do anything from nonsensical names, to descriptive names. Also you need a domain that can grow with you as you develop your art site. "pcartsales" would be a bad name for say your online sketchbook if you decide to change your sites focus, versus "bobspcart" which can be a little more universally usable. I had to register my wife's name as a url for her the other day, she wanted something for her business cards (to avoid the http://domain.com/username/ fiasco) and to host her resume. I also know alot of artists that go that route since they would more likely want to be known by their name than "the guy who does the artwork on rottingfleshmemoirs.com"

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