I need a Open Source CMS developer ASAP

Discussion in 'Requests' started by graphicsms, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. graphicsms

    graphicsms New Member

    I have a great business opportunity for the right developer.

    My name is Michael Sim, and I am starting my company Graphics.ms
    ( www.graphics.ms )

    I am a Brand Identity Designer and I create Logo and Brand systems for my clients, as well as banner design and layout editing for CMS systems.

    I need a developer who would be interested in partnering with me under the following plan:

    Think of making a website into a product. By definition, this product will be a singular unit that is reused over and over but modified and designed specifically for each client. It can be wordpress, or joomla, Magento, zencart, etc… whichever CMS you are most familiar with is fine. I want you to use this as a starting point, and together we will create an enhanced and refined version that will become the product. By enhanced and refined, I simply mean getting an OS CMS up and running with a look and feel that is better than the default layout/design that comes with those systems. They simply aren’t enough to go off of, and take too long to fully customize and get to the point where they are good enough to go to the client in their default form. That’s why I want to take one CMS (for each type of site), fully build it out with all possible widgets, modules, and add-ons that we can provide, add my design, and use this as the framework from which we create our demos.

    I’ll let you make the call on which CMSs are best to use in order to accomplish this goal. In the end, all the editing that should be necessary for new clients would be simple CSS modifications, image editing from the images folder (or PSD), and implementation of content.

    I had a previous employee assist with 2 past prospects, and I want to build on the success that this plan has brought. www.biggreencouch.com/futuresrealtygroup (joomla) www.biggreencouch.com/peerlessrugs
    (magento ecommerce)

    Like I said, if you know of a better CMS for the commerce and non commerce sites, feel free to state your suggestions. As long as functionality, security, and ease of editing are present, I am fine with whichever works best.

    Marketing the Product
    The way I want to go about distributing and marketing this new website product that I need created is by offering a free demo to qualified leads. This would mean that

    a. I make an initial contact with a company
    b. distribute information about the product and other services we offer,
    c. gain their interest and a commitment to the project,
    d. spend 1 week and create a free demo

    This free demo would include
    a. Link to www.biggreencouch.com/companyname
    b. CMS product with homepage design, and a few pages of content
    c. 1-2 products in shopping cart (if ecommerce)
    d. Presentation of contract and proposal

    That may seem like a lot of work, but I usually generate about 2-3 qualified leads a week. Theoretically in a month we could have 60k in sales at an average of 5k a project. If a client doesn’t sell, we remove the logo (and any company specific information) from their demo and throw it up on a section in the website dedicated to samples, or reduced price designs…. Which we will use as discounted templates for low-budget clients. And even if they don’t sell, we only spent a day on designing it and implementing information, and a day for installation. The close rate far outweighs the drawbacks of investing time and risking a project not closing. If you’re familiar with BlackJack, that’s how this works. With 10 leads, approximately 7 will close, and the remaining 3 will go into that special section on the website and continue to generate revenue for the company by becoming a reusable starting point for low-budget clients.

    Once we have both products created, the ecommerce and non ecommerce products, I’d like to skin the nonecommerce and use it for the Graphics.ms company website.

    You will play a large part in the success of this plan, and I am open for discussion on payment options. Let me know your thoughts; I’d like to get started with this as soon as possible.

    Here are three sites that I would like to use as a reference for the creation of the non-ecommerce website product.
    http://www.cibgraphics.com/ www.ditley.com and www.ocean19.com

    If this is something you know how to do or are interested in, send me an email and your thoughts.
    I look forward to working together with you to help build the future success of Graphics.ms

    Michael Sim
    [email protected]
  2. rivervalleywebs

    rivervalleywebs New Member

    I'd recommend MySource Matrix for your CMS. If any of your clients start asking for some tricky stuff, Matrix is the way to go. It does have a steep learning curve but is fully customizeable and you only need 1 install of it for mutiple domains (Joomla and others you can't do that).

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