How to promote my site in SERP?

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I have a health related website and I want to promote my site in the SERP.
I want suggestion from SEO


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maybe you are trying to say how to be able to rank in SERP.well it a long time process but it well to your site if you do some linkbuilding campaign.


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without going into details:
1. Find your target keywords
2. Optimize the target pages for those keywords
3. Get more links to your pages using the keywords in the anchor text


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I have a health related website and I want to promote my site in the SERP.
I want suggestion from SEO

Link build it..... Linkexchange with related especially quality sites like yours, social bookmarkings, forums postings sigs, directory submissions....:p


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I have a health related website and I want to promote my site in the SERP.
I want suggestion from SEO

This is gonna be a long term process. And a continuous one at that. It could take months for you to do this, and it could take up to 3 months to 6 months to see results.

Choose the right keywords. For a start, choose keywords that are not too broad or competitive. But do not be too specific that no one types those keywords in the search engine.

Do onpage optimization for your keywords through title, h1, h2, h3 tags.

Increase your pageRank through link building by submitting to directories, posting in forums and putting a link to your site in your signature, posting in blogs (without being spammy) and using your name as a link back to your site, and exchanging links with related sites.


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promote site in SERP?

Dear Webmaster,

i have checked Your site which You have used in Your homepage.

PR is good and also many SEO work are completed in your site but need link Building in quality and related sites and Article submission in quality sites.

pls check below are complete process of SEO.

Ideally though of course you want top rankings within as many search engines as possible and popular belief is that if you can get to #1 on Google you can be pretty sure you will get the same results elsewhere, although, that should never be assumed as the case and one should always check how they are doing on the top Search Engines.

SEM which is sometimes confused with SEO is basically stuff like Google AdWords and other Pay-Per-Click campaigns, email campaigns etc. Basically any paid service outside SEO that is performed with the sole or primary intention of achieving a higher rank within the search engines.

Anyway back to the point, SEO consists of doing the following;


First you want to do your keyword research and find the best keywords for your site.

Niche keywords are those that get searched a fair amount of times and have less sites competing on them.

Once you know what keywords you are going to target then take a look at your competitors site's, note their PR, then look at the source code to see what areas they can be beaten in.

Have they used alt tags on images, are images and page names correctly named etc.

Once you have this information you can do a little more research in to keyword trends, traffic estimation etc.

ON-PAGE Website SEO:

Once we have all our research completed we can start with the On-Page SEO,

Page structure should be considered so search engine spiders can read your content as early as possible due the fact the first x-amount of text characters play a part in your rank.

Ensure keywords are used and correctly placed within the page title.
Ensure all necessary META tags have been used correctly.
Check for ALT tags on images.

Rename images and file names to suit keywords.

Optimize content within the site, correct keyword density, fresh and relevant content.

Use of heading tags, bold, underlined and italics.


Once we complete our On-Page optimization we can get in to the Off-Page stuff,

Submission to Search Engines, some will say to do this before starting the on-page stuff as it can take up to 4 weeks to be indexed within Google. That used to be the case, now anyone can get their own site indexed by Google within 24 - 48 hours. All you need to do is submit your site to one of the webs top FREE directories. Just make sure you put a link to your site in your post.

Google spiders will visit these sites every day as they are always changing, once it hits your post and link you can consider your site indexed.

Submission to web directories, classifieds, post on forums, blogs, article directories and so on. Try and stick to related sites as this is always more valuable but at the same time never turn down an opportunity for exposure or links, they all add up in the end.

Link Building, the more the merrier of course but avoid being linked to bad sites as they will hurt your PR, you want as many links as possible from other sites within your industry, this can be near impossible in some industries but at least try and of course get as many links as you can on the web. In Google's eyes they are a vote for your site from another site, Authority sites are the best places to get links also.

One should also be aware that SEO is an on-going thing and should be reviewed regularly as the times are always changing at both ends, search engines always improve and people always become savvier. You can't get away with throwing up a site, doing some solid SEO and watching the visitors rolls in, those times went with the last millennium.

I hope, these info will help to all users.

pls add if any SEO steps is missing,

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Links are very important for the websites rankings. There are some ways for adding them but one way links are the best type.
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Join health forums and posts your links there... You can blog for your site....POst some informative articles regarding health...


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Just selective competitive keywords as your major keywords. Use them in your forum's sigs, article resource box, anchor text in web directories, text link in your link exchange partner sites....


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Good Suggestions...Let u try out for articles, blogs, forums,SBM, Directories.

Main thing have to optimize the website with quality keywords,which you are targeting for your business.

Ture its long term process but natural way and High ROI.

Nice way to improve business.

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I have a health related website and I want to promote my site in the SERP.
I want suggestion from SEO

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look for a high competitive keywords but will give your site a good traffics through SERP.
Optimize your site in SEO base content, make it user and SE friendly. lastly, Build links good and quality links.
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