How to Make Money Fast

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by jackson.son9, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. jackson.son9

    jackson.son9 Banned

    Guys is there anyone who can help me out to make money fast other than any illegal activity whether it is online or offline.

    If some one finds for me a great idea to make money fast from any point of view.
  2. dinesh_Sharma

    dinesh_Sharma New Member

    Making money fast is all about taking and holding the long term trend. This means focusing on the trends that last for months or even years.
  3. bailey.rein

    bailey.rein New Member

    Ways to make money online:

    selling e-books
    writing articles or web content
  4. JoomlaExpert

    JoomlaExpert New Member

    I agree with you want fast money then you do stuff online.. Employers offer great salary and because of this kind of job, I was able to purchase my dream laptop within months not years.
  5. Private-I

    Private-I New Member

    i think this is a pie in the sky dream. no such thing as quick cash. you need a good idea for a product or service and then start chipping away. you can certinly grow your own "money tree" online but business is business and it's never easy.
  6. bcee

    bcee New Member

    If I knew I would be posting from Mars.
  7. ishie

    ishie New Member

    Well, it depends on your abilities. You can do some freelance work. Getting clients online would be a good strategy to make online income. If you're into blogging, register your blog to Adsense and other affiliate campaigns.
  8. Quasha

    Quasha New Member

    To give you suggestion, first I have to ask a question. What can you do?
  9. Spancerlim

    Spancerlim New Member

    I will suggest you managing e-commerce websites for online.
  10. mackonline

    mackonline New Member

    I guess that if we knew the magic formula of making easy and fast money, we would be spending money right now rather than spending time in this forum...
  11. Coffee Freak

    Coffee Freak New Member

    When you say "money", how much we talking? Do you just need some cash for groceries, or do you need a couple grand to pay back Guido the loan shark so he doesn't break your knee caps? If we are talking some quick cash, try pawning stuff, sell plasma (the stuff in your veins, not in your TV screen), hawk pizzas at college football games, buy a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and sell them for $3 a pop at the local college frat party (there's bound to be folks that smoked some funny cigarettes and are craving sweet stuff)

    If we are talking bigger cash (not so) fast, sell advertising space. Print the ads on poster calendars, restaurant placemats, discount cards, etc. Figure out what your costs will be to print whatever amount you choose, divide the item up into sections, divide cost by the number of spaces you have and that's how much you have to get as a 50% DEPOSIT from your advertisers. Then the balance (your profit) is paid when you deliver the items. Give them out to students, residents, whomever or if you want to get greedy, sell them for $1 a piece.

    All of these things I did during college to pay for my degree. I also moved pianos for a music company in town, sold spring break trips to fellow students and was the resident manager of my apartment complex. Not all things were done at the same time, but you get the point.
  12. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    Rob a bank!
  13. bermuda

    bermuda New Member

    It is much better to focus on making money over the net in the course of time and in a sustainable way rather than trying to look for fast methods to generate cash. For example, a lot of websites have been monetized through PPC programs but the same sites have been getting constantly promoted by their admins and managers before generating constant flows of cash for their owners. It is truly great to have access to websites which can help generating money but time factor is the key.

    There are no shortcuts to use and follow when it comes to promoting websites and building traffic for them, ultimately leading to cash flows. PPC programs, direct ads sales and even affiliate kinds of projects, would all demand working on websites for weeks, months and even years before they can turn into solid profitable spots. If a certain website is accessed by a lot of people on a constant basis, perhaps trying out methods including PPC programs could be among suggested options.
  14. hermitpenguin

    hermitpenguin New Member

    If you have value in the product you are delivering, then you are able to make money fast. Keep in mind, something of value means NOTHING unless it is delivered (whether that be through mail or internet). The same for the reverse; you may have the best delivery system, but no value.

    You must have both of those parts to create the synergy that leads to fast money. Trust me, if there was an easy way to make money, everyone would be exploiting it.
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