How to increase user click and impression of my website?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by phpassignmenthelp, Dec 27, 2016.

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  1. phpassignmenthelp

    phpassignmenthelp Member

    Hi Everyone !! How to increase user click and impression of my website? My website related to Website Designing Services in Delhi India, It is now in Google 5th page but did not getting traffic or impression so how increase impression. Please suggest me some effective tips.
  2. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Stop expecting Google to do the work for you.

    You have been told this very same thing in several threads now, so go and read them.
  3. hariandro95

    hariandro95 New Member

    Hello phpassignmenthelp,
    To increase your cpi(cost per impression) and cpa(cost per action ) you should provide a valid site which has more content to reach the user and stick user to your site.So now by providing site contents you will get more visitors and impressions are increased .
    To get clicks you should provide a better ad banner which should attract the visitors to click your impressions..
    I think this will be helpful to you..If you got these point reply..
  4. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member


    You have completely misunderstood the question, it is NOTHING at all to do with advertising impressions or click through rates.
  5. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Okay, in the interests of improving your understanding of English.
    The second sentence is what explains the question
    The OP wants to know why his or her document URL on their website is not getting traffic or 'visitors' from the Google results that the OP sees when 'rank checking'.

    'Traffic' being a generalised term for consistent streams of visitors from a particular source.
    'Impressions' meaning single page views by visitors from one or more sources.

    And the answer to the question is that the OP needs to realise;
    That 'rankings' are not guaranteed to result in visitors to the URL.
    The 'rankings' that one individual sees are NOT the rankings that everyone sees.
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  6. Mentorshouse

    Mentorshouse New Member

    In order to increase your website clicks and traffic, I would suggest you to learn and research about SEO, I think at first you need to learn from many famous and largest websites about SEO, SEM such as: Searchengineland. com, Searchenginewatch. com, Searchenginejournal. com, Moz. com,...they're all giving free basic SEO, SEM techniques and courses that you can follow up and practice as well. After that, you should apply these techniques on your own website with your domain and hosting, try your best to practical daily as much as possible.
  7. shakthipriya

    shakthipriya New Member

    You can increase your user clicks and impressions for your website by using Google adwords and social internet marketing by using this techniques for your website.
  8. Present

    Present New Member

    Web page content has its place and is very important not only the search engines eyes but also in the perception and eyes of your viewer. The more well written, relevant, unique web page content you have, the more the visitors to your site will think of you as an expert in your field. The search engines look at the unique content in somewhat of the same way, and they will give a good ranking to the page because they feel it’s valuable to what the person who searched for the information is actually looking for.
  9. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Search engines don't have 'eyes'.

    Or 'feelings'

    Anthropomorphising search engines is of no use for the presentation of content. Concentrate on what real human beings would prefer, after all you probably are one, so it is easier to imagine what kind of things humans 'like' or expect to find on any particular page.

    Not necessarily.

    "more" is not necessarily "better", you simply need "enough".

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