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Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by brucewills, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. brucewills

    brucewills New Member

    hi all,
    help me with how to host my website in a server, is it need to be paid are free, suggest some sites
  2. rjwebdesigns

    rjwebdesigns New Member

    Hi Bruce, Hosting is easy, you need to find a company to host with first *such as myself* I charge from £39.99 for the year.

    Once it is all setup I will give you access to your server using specified software that I will recommend. You can then easily just drag and drop your files across to the server.

    I can help with setting up a domain name to point to your server as well.

    All support is provided.

  3. mysiteonweb

    mysiteonweb New Member

    Just note some point below while choosing a web host.

    1)Disk space - How much disk space do you need? Does you website have less than 10 pages? You'll need only a small amount of space.
    2) E-mail accounts - How many e-mail accounts do you need?
    3) E-commerce - Will you be selling goods or services through your site?
    4) Database, script and extension support
    5) Operating systems - Do you want a UNIX hosting plan or a Windows hosting plan? Unix is the most commonly used operating system among Web servers. offer hosting for $5.99/mo
  4. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    depends on the industry and scale of the site.

    Linux is very popular thanks to the open source movement. but in the corporate world windows is often preferred.

    it really depends on what technologies you intend to use. for a basic web site *nix hosting is cheap and does everything you need and more. if you intend to run a complex web application making use of the latest and greatest features of the .NET framework, windows is the way to go.
  5. eMonsterhost

    eMonsterhost Banned

    Linux is the popular choice due to the reliability and stability of it naturally. But as zkiller mentioned, it really depends on what your needs are and what scripting/code you will be working with.
  6. grizly

    grizly Banned

    35 is a good one.
  7. conductor

    conductor Banned

    Go with someone big and well-known like, look for their special deals and offers, or with an average-sized company like where there are chances to be hand-walked by the host.
  8. DotSter

    DotSter Banned

  9. web67

    web67 New Member

    well bruce, send me ur requirements and i will give u a quote
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