How to get real Data Entry Jobs from Home?


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The only best way to get real data entry jobs are the freelancing marketplaces like freelancer,guru or odesk.The all other online data entry companies are scam.


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Yes, that's true Christina. There are job offering sites that requires money pre-installation before working with them. People really need to be vigilant these days. In my experience, Odesk and Freelancer gives security.


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ALL so-called "data entry jobs" are scams.

They are just spammers posting junk at forums and 'blogs' or getting people to bypass CAPTCHA filters!!


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The only best way to get real data entry jobs are the freelancing marketplaces like freelancer,guru or odesk.
I had a really good chuckle at this.

if you only want to work for peanuts, and drill it into yourself that THATS WHAT YOUR WORTH, than go for it. If you value your work slightly more. Look in the paper and apply for a "real" job


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Start a business and do some local advertising? Unless you live in a third world country or can make do from mere peanuts the stay away from websites like Elance.

The problem with these sites is they attract a LOT of competition accross a BROAD range of skill levels from a WIDE range of demographics and locations.

This means that an inexperienced, slow typing student from India (no offence India but as a generalisation you do have a low income rate on average) who can feed himself for a week on US$20 can outbid you any day of the week.

Ok so I don't know if it's as bad as $20 but you get my drift.

In saying that it can give you valuable experience. For example design a website super cheap and not make any money from it but perhaps make a reputation; not to mention having an extra website for your portfolio. This is a hard road but then so can be starting on your own in any profession.

Best piece of advice if you are going to use these networks; Don't RELY on these networks. Use them for bread and butter maybe but look for other ways to find work at the same time.


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friends and family

if you really want a legit one.. I say you have to go this way.. I have yet to find a decend provider that is solely based on US reps.

Fact is, companies dont care if that date entry person is in the US. And there is not a legit union rep'ing the oppressed here.
PLUS- you can do better than such a job!


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The internet jobs dont stop to article marketing, you can also create an online business creating your own website, using ptc sites, become a youtube partner or reselling products as an affiliate.