how to buy a domain name from current owner

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by n1ck420, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. n1ck420

    n1ck420 New Member

    Hi, I used to own the domain, but once it expired someone must have bought it. I am looking to re-purchase this domain to open a business, but don't know how to go about acquiring it. Is there a way to appraise the value of this domain? and if i contacted the owner, is there a legitimate way to make the transaction?
  2. ccowan

    ccowan New Member

    I'm not quite sure of any sites that assist in this trade, but if it was me I would contact that person first and see if they are even interested in selling it and then go from there. As far as what it's worth just think of that in terms as what its worth to you. Does it already get traffic? If so how much and is it quality traffic meaning are those people coming to the site actually looking for what you are offering?
  3. HostDone

    HostDone New Member

    You can look at Whois information, you will find contact address of the registrant of domain name.
  4. shuvoimtiaz

    shuvoimtiaz New Member

    After getting whois info mail the buyer of the domain for a deal. Or you may place a back order through godaddy, enom or
  5. Mediumcube

    Mediumcube New Member

    Have you already bought?
  6. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    Just contact them via the whois and make them an offer that is worth their while to transfer it to you. I would forget about all of those other paid services which charge you to negotiate the purchase of a domain.
  7. n1c0_ds

    n1c0_ds New Member

    Domain name values are vastly overpriced. I say give the guy a call (yes, with the phone), and try convincing him.
  8. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I dont think they are all vastly overpriced. If you are serious, it is worth forking out the dollars for a good brand.
    For instance I run
    I dont think it would be anywhere near as popular as it is, if I had registered or something else like that.
    And a good domain will often give you more than your money back down the road, if you ever decide to sell your site.
    I dont understand how people can fork out thousands of man hours on a website and not be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars on a domain name.

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