how do i save just the image part illustrator

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by tkowebworks, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. tkowebworks

    tkowebworks New Member

    Hello all :)

    I'm new to learning illustrator. I've created a small button now I want to make sure it is the size that I need and possibly resize it, and save for web. I keep reading different opinions and couldn't find a good tutorial on this.
    I'm very confused with the workspace in illustrator since i'm used to the photoshop one.
    Can I make this image the size I want in illustrator, and how do i save just the image? I looks like it's saving all the white space around it.

    Thank you as always :) I'm going to keep searching.
  2. DHDdirect

    DHDdirect New Member

    Are you looking to change the artboard size? You can press Shift-O to edit the artboard.
  3. Websynergi

    Websynergi New Member

    Make sure its only the button on the workspace, delete any unwanted paths or element. Assuming its a button for a website go to save for web and devices. You can set the size you need there, with vectors its irrelevant the size you work in as it can be scaled at this stage.

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