How do I advertise my web design services?


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start it simple make google ads on your website then from their work on it so you'd flourish into the social networks


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Advertise locally, to local businesses - and do the first few sites for free. You can't pay for the advertising that a few happy customers can buy. Then you can list their sites on your site as work you've done.

Walking around is another way - call on local merchants who have no web presence. Make sure you know what the hosting and domain name will cost them. Have a few available domain names for them.

Check on the web for how you should word your contracts - if you don't have a good contract you'll be doing a lot of free work and have a lot of dissatisfied clients, or lose clients. Even for your free work - this is what you want, this is what I'll give you and there won't be any charge. Any additional work will be charged for at X rate. That kind of thing. (There are some sites that sell boilerplate you can use. They're written by people who learned the hard way.)
Yes, I agree with that BLUE text above, that is suitable and should be adopted by any business to be clear crystal in projects... :)

I would suggest, getting top results on Google for your related keywords like Your local area + web design, Your local area + web designer, Your local area + web designing company, and etc - I guess you can get more. Do keyword research a bit, before you start focusing those keywords. I am sure that will give you more business than now, but as you know SEO takes little more time...


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you may use the ways of getting traffic like email marketing, affiliate, marketing, using social media, comments on blogg etc.


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What about local marketing? I have a PPC campaign on adwords and on Facebook running, but the results are sad (although not very costly). What kind of results have you all had with mailing postcard sized advertisements to local businesses?


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Set up your own blog and include your portfolio there, ask some of your customers for testimonials and post them on your blog, advertise on social media and designer forums. Advertise locally, too, in some local newspaper, magazines, etc.
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