Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by Moshermatt, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Moshermatt

    Moshermatt New Member

    I'm looking for a hosting company that can offer these things:
    Cheap Domains
    Cheap Hosting
    Payable by Paypal.

    Please if you know any hosting companies that do this please reply. I don't need a terrible amount of bandwith so thats not a problem. Please say if you have used them and if you have what there customer support is like.

    Thanks Matt
  2. StephanieCordray

    StephanieCordray New Member

    How cheap is cheap? I wouldn't say I have outrageous prices but I'm not the lowest price you can find. But remember the old adage you get what you pay for... typically the lower the cost, the worse the customer support. Domains are not cheap with me but I can point you to the better places to buy one and help you set it up properly... whoever you get your hosting with.

    I suppose I can say I've used them since it's me and I have several sites on there that are not business related... does that help?
  3. SiteExpress

    SiteExpress New Member

    Depending on the amount of storage and bandwidth you need, my hosting starts at $2.99/mo. it comes with Fantastico, and my .com domains are $11.25. If you order the domain and hosting at the same time, it automatically sets up the domain nameservers for you.

    I do accept paypal.
  4. linuxhostingplan

    linuxhostingplan New Member

    I have fairly cheap webhosting, and I also offer very cheap domains, depending on which package you get from me, I'll pm you.

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