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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by K2BSolutions, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. K2BSolutions

    K2BSolutions New Member

    Hi friends,

    On 21st April, 2015, Google has planned to roll out its new algorithm that specializes on mobile friendly website search results.
  2. lionel.web

    lionel.web Member

    The sites that are not mobile friendly, will be not presented in search results from mobile devices.
    This will no affect desktop or tablets search.

    So, i found a tool that tells you, if google's crawler see your site as mobile friendly or not.
    This is the tool:

  3. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    PAGES not sites, Google list URLs of individual documents to searchers NOT the entire website!

    "Less likely" to be presented NOT will not, as usual the "experts" has blown the "update" out of all proportion and made it sound like the coming of the apocalypse.
  4. Robert-B

    Robert-B Member

    Oh no not another update. All it means is Google is starting to reward website for being mobile friendly. But it is not going to suddenly black list your site because its not. How about creating pages for users and forget the search engine. Build a website mobile first approach and focus on converting your users.
  5. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm thankful I started making "mobile friendly" sites in 2011.

    so basically, once again, I need not do anything for another of googles updates.

    I do find it fascinating that folk get in such a tizz, and usually it's the "SEO" experts!

    still if you are worried, that tool Lionel mentioned is worth using.
  6. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Better still ... ... Use a real mobile device to test because it's real users you care about, isn't it?

    I've "tested" several dozen URLs that I very often read on my phone with absolutely no trouble at all, yet Google's 'tool' suggests that they aren't "mobile friendly"
  7. tk-hassan

    tk-hassan New Member

    now i am seeing everyone rushing to get their website converted into responsive design, and designers/developers are overloaded with work

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