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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs and Advertising Space' started by jemountfort, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. jemountfort

    jemountfort New Member

    Why are the ads on the right hand side different in Chrome - FF - IE

    For queries that show no ads in IE / FF, Chrome has a full rhs, Any clue ? I find this very strange
  2. mrandrei

    mrandrei New Member

    I haven't noticed that. Oh well, I rarely use Chrome. I'm a Firefox user. Got no idea. Maybe because it's owned by Google and they have capacity to change the ad placement.
  3. Nicoleman

    Nicoleman New Member

    Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money.
  4. ishuvonet

    ishuvonet New Member

    I also did not notice that yet.But as you informed I am gonna digg it.

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