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Discussion in 'Offers' started by Barnz, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. Barnz

    Barnz New Member

    Hello my name is James Barnsley and I am looking for a front end web designer who can write in complaint XHTML & CSS to work on a pet project with me. I will do the backend coding of the website in Ruby on Rails, you do the front end.

    You will not get paid for this project but will own a 50 / 50 share in the business, for 50% of the work that needs to be done. The project is a bit to large for me to tackle all on my own given my other commitments.

    The idea is to produce a freelancing website that will consist of clients that actually pay well, rather than all the shitty freelancing sites out there at the moment that are paying peanuts!

    I do not know how we are going to tackle this yet, however one idea could possibly be that all registered users "Clients / Providers" go through a screening process, and we filter out people who bid to low on projects, or people who post projects for the minimal amount of money etc. Maybe even make sure all registered users are a company / person in the US / UK / Europe only etc, or filter people by their experience, qualifications etc.

    I do not know how this will be tackled yet, but you get the basic idea?

    Any takers either reply here or email me at [email protected]
  2. consultingpalac

    consultingpalac Banned

    The idea isn't bad -- it isn't good either!

    It's the customer that pays and if you deprive him the right of deciding what the correct price is, then 9/10 customers won't bother using the service.

    And assuming they pay higher than some other customers, how are you going to assure that the provider will meet/exceed his/her expectations?
  3. Web1

    Web1 New Member

    I can understand why you want to do this, but the very nature of the bidding sites for freelance projects causes the low fees battle. As consultingpalac says, its the market forces driving. There are always people who will pay decent fees for good quality work, but having been a freelancer and an employer on Guru, there are so many bidders that you can usually filter yourself as a project placer and get a good compromise on quality and cost. You need to offer something these existing sites don't do. Approved/QA checked members has merit but not sure its enough to give you a chance in such a very competitive web based service industry as Guru, Elance, etc occupy. Wishing you the best mate, hope you come up with something.
  4. BradT81

    BradT81 New Member


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