Getting issue while invoking a Asp.Net Core Web API from Xamarin

Ojusvee Mehra

New Member
I am using the MobileServiceClient (Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Client version 4.0.1) with the InvokeApiAsync method to do the call but always fails with a null exception. If I call an API that does not have authorization, it works fine.

So my question is if I can use the MobileServiceClient or this doesn't want to work with .NET Core. I don't want to call my APIs with HttpClient.


New Member
As far as I know, the MobileServiceClient couldn't add the authorization token by default to ask for core web API.

So you will find you couldn't get the response from the core web API.

I suggest you could create a custom HttpMessageHandler to add the token to the request and use MobileServiceClient send the request.