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Discussion in 'Offers' started by Advanox, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Advanox

    Advanox New Member

    Hello all!

    The Names Jay for all you rocking entrepreneur's I haven't had the pleasure to of met yet. I'm currently looking to freelance and expand my client-tell as well as my Networking business relations. I do have a weekly-roster of projects that I am dedicated to from web design to full branding packages, but currently I am available and am very eager to take on additional work offering my services to help any start-up, existing or established company get those "need it done" & "it cost to much" jobs completed and taken care of for a great price and properly with quick results!!!

    I have been involved in the Development Industry doing web design & scripting since 1999 and have been experienced in the Web Hosting Industry as long as I have been a member on WHT roughly 8 years. I've established many relationships there on WHT and would like to continue growing my network base..

    I'm listing a brief overview of some basic services I can offer for those startup projects looking to get launched. I am very flexible & will work for any budget and provide all reasonable services for any price! You work with me & I work for you!

    $ 40.00 - Slicing & Coding for 2 .PNG/.PSD Web design
    $ 5.00 - Modifications, Changes, Updates per-page
    $ 10.00 - Per New Additional Subpage
    $ 30.00 - Flash Modification & Reconstructions
    $ 30.00 - New Server Setup's (DNS/NS/IP POOL)
    $ 15.00 - Transfer Host & Database
    $ 10.00 - Software / Script Mods & Hacks

    From Design, Programming, Server Administration, Marketing & Promotions I do a little bit of everything and I'm very professional with quick-turnarounds. I can be asset for what your looking for & can also offer great SEO/SEM consultations, advice & tactics that will show positive results to your target-audience.

    I do offer some of my services for free to lend a helpful hand to those who are need of something that I can fit into my weekly roster. I do support Foundations & Non-Profit Organizations as well, I rely on repeat business & believe Networking is the biggest key to success and I'm encouraged to contribute my skills & support any way possible.

    Quick turn-arounds 12-72hours tops! & I don't close at 5pm like most, Im available for calls till midnight as I work routinely late hours as 2-5am is not un-normal for my dedication to the work I produce.

    If you need it done, I can do it & If Not I always know someone who can. I will help support you & point your company/project in the right direction I'm ready when you are!

    Please Contact me by Private Message or E-Mail.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: I am Available for Calls!
  2. anna

    anna New Member

    I am surprised at all the spelling/grammar mistakes on your site. In addition I am concerned that your "portfolio" seems made up. Not one of those "clients" listed links to their website. And a google search on the companies only pulls your website up.

    At the bottom, where you list your clients logos, you have repeated at least 3 of them! Have you even done any freelance work for any of these companies?

    On the bottom, in the "who we our" (which should be "who we ARE" by the way) you have the headline "about our owner" twice, but you never actually list who he is or what he has specifically done. You just refer to him as "our owner". Kind of Shady...

    With all that in mind, I'm not very surprised to find you are free to take on projects right now...

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