Fluid Site not staying on correct CSS after click

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by iamdata, May 28, 2012.

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  1. iamdata

    iamdata New Member

    Hi, I'm currently redesigning my site and almost everything in working fine.

    The site has an elastic/fluid layout with 2 CSS.
    1. One for screen sizes over 650px
    2. Another for sizes less than that.

    When you resize the screen evrything adapts and at the 650px fringe it calls the proper CSS.

    The problem is that when you are on the smaller size and click on a link, it calls the bigger

    css (called default.css).

    I have tried so many things and suspect it is something with the javascript file.

    Site: http://www.malditoscyborgs.org/temp/
    CSS for small screen: http://www.malditoscyborgs.org/temp/_css/thin.css
    Css for bigger screen: http://www.malditoscyborgs.org/temp/_css/default.css
    script taken from smashingmagazine: http://www.malditoscyborgs.org/temp/scripts/dynamiclayout.js

    I wonder if anyone can help.
  2. iamdata

    iamdata New Member

    Fixed it with media queries

    Fixed it with media queries
  3. PapaGeek

    PapaGeek New Member


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