First Responsive design portfolio - Please Review

Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by Evantchapman, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Evantchapman

    Evantchapman New Member

    After several hours and pints of beer I finally have came up with a portfolio design that I think looks semi-professional. Text is not complete nor is portfolio functionality. Please give me any critique/code changes/good praise/bad praise.

    Please be as harsh or as kind as you like I just want to get some feedback on it.

    Thank you!
  2. Edge

    Edge Member

    Looks good

    First impression is looks good - high impact.
    However couple of points:
    - the grey in three main icons looks unfinished, maybe change to your red?
    - I'm not a fan of chunks of text which is centrally aligned, although I notice it seems to be creeping back in a little. Just doesn't make sense to me as people read in an F shaped pattern so it's harder to read.
    - presume you are going to add some 'more info' links?
    - lozenges on 'what I know' I thought would click through to something?
    - some white space between the portfolio tiles?
  3. Evantchapman

    Evantchapman New Member

    Thank you For your review!

    I will try playing with the icons. I felt that there was too much red so I wanted to chance the color a little.

    Do you think that justified text might be a better option?

    The portfolio pieces will be a "fancy box"/"light box" type thing that will be responsive as well as a link that will take you to more information about the designs (programs used, thought process behind them, features of them.)

    The spacing issue seems to be a common piece of feedback I will try spacing them out and seeing what it looks like.

    Thank you again
  4. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Justified text looks WORSE than centered text in HTML documents.

    Text justification is a PRINT setting where widths and font pitch can be specific and controlled.
  5. Edge

    Edge Member

    About thirteen years ago when I found out how to justify test i was like justifying everything. If I had known you could do * {text-align:justify} I probably would have done. Sadly though it has different readability problems creating weird rivers of white space running down the text not to mention really e l o n g a t e d words. In print it's done in a more subtle way - not crudely implemented by a browser. People with reading disabilities tend to be the ones most affected.

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