First five steps in learning PHP

Discussion in 'Programming' started by kalaam, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. kalaam

    kalaam New Member

    Kindly tell me
    which software to download for PHP in windows, is there only one software? Which one is the easiest to use?,

    If i have a website and the server allows php, do i need a software still?

    If my server allows php, do i need to simply put php code in my website and it will work?

    What are the first three codes which i can use and which will work?

    I shall be very thankful for the help. Thanks !
  2. cigarboy

    cigarboy New Member

    If you know to write code, I to use Notepad ++. - it is free

    You need a softer to write your code

    Yes it will works only to change extension from html to php
    and write php code in <?php echo 'hello';?>

    <?php echo 'hello';?> This will works
  3. camilo.nevarez

    camilo.nevarez New Member

    yea, if your server has it installed, you just type it and it works.. search for php tutorials or simple php scripts
  4. uptownhr

    uptownhr New Member

    Use, EASYPHP. It will install apache, php and mysql for you in one simple step.

    However, if you already have a server that supports php. You can start using it right away. You just need FTP access to add and edit files on the server.
  5. srsabariselvan

    srsabariselvan New Member

    For Learners of Php

    Are you currently learning the php? "WAMPSERVER" is the best offline server. This offline contains mysql,php,etc.. i learned the php using wampserver. it's easy and best one
  6. vladvs

    vladvs New Member

    The best software to use is Notepad++, if you cant' afford Dreamweaver.

    The best server package for windows is XAMPP. You will get Apache, MySQL, PHPmyAdmin and some other useful software.
  7. kollkolen

    kollkolen New Member

    if I understand correctly, the software you need to test locally on your computer would be xammp or wamp.if your server allows php then you could test locally then upload your files and they should work.not sure what you mean by "top three codes"
  8. rwebber77

    rwebber77 New Member

    I use MAMP to control Apache and PHPmyAdmin and it couldn't be easier. I have Dreamweaver and personally would rather write the code by hand so I use UltraEdit when running Linux, TextWrangler in Snow Leopard, and Notepad in XP.

    If you run a Unix based OS chances are you have everything already and just need to enable it. The absolute best part about PHP is the cross-platform compatibility that CSS always screws up.
  9. Jay-S

    Jay-S New Member

    For the server I would recommend WAMP or XAMPP. As for editing the PHP files my favorite editor is PHP Designer because it has a built in debugger, but it costs money. If you are short on cash I would recommend using Notepad++ to edit the code.
  10. 10west

    10west New Member


    expression edits php, with intellisnse and code coloring etc. micosoft also supports php dev in general.

    MS visual web developer express is free,

    i think navicode is php also, it does java et, Real nice ide, free!

    php tutorial in depth
    code samples - entire projects
  11. Ignis

    Ignis New Member

    I've used metapad to web code a long time. PHP IDE's I tried were very slow on my old computer and even after switching to a new one I was in the habit of using this.

    Absolutely do not use the normal notepad though, the limited undos can really put you in a fix.

    I installed XAMPP and still use it to this day for my home server needs.
  12. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    I think the easiest way to learn today, besides taking an actual college class, is by just going on YouTube.
  13. lordeen

    lordeen New Member

    Waht kind of php you want to learn? You can read lot on tutorial sites
  14. freelancerquest

    freelancerquest New Member

  15. AE7

    AE7 New Member

    I use Notepad++ to edit.

    Depending on which platform I am on.

    WAMP on Windows
    XAMPP on Mac
    Custom LAMP installation on Linux, it is a clone of my servers' configurations.

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