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I am a member of a very small group of professionals who are collectively developing a unique recruitment related website-business model aimed exclusively at members of our particular field (architecture & engineering). We are looking for a highly ambitious, genuine and technically competent web designer(s) who will build and maintain our website in return for an equity stake in our proposed company.

I fully appreciate that an introduction like this will raise many alarm bells but please be assured it is entirely genuine. I also appreciate that were an agreement to be made, solicitors from both sides and a contract would need to be involved (though naturally funded by us).

If there is anybody on this forum who may have an interest, or may know of somebody who may have an interest, please give me an email. I work in Central London and would be very happy to meet for a coffee after work where we can chat informally about the proposed business.

I should note that our design for the website is pretty complex, we can't seem to find anything that compares. We do actually wonder if it is possible for it to be built. It is best described as a mix between LinkedIn and Monster, but with some very unique additions. As such, it may be too big a project for an arrangement such as this, but we would like to try.

Hope to hear from somebody.


[email protected]

07582 228724 (Email would be preferable in work hours)

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It would help if you provided some additional high-level requirements. The combination of Linked-In and Monster is too vague as both sites serve two different fuinctions.

What is the purpose of the site?

What do you need it to provide?

Additionally sites like Linked-In and Monster are develped by teams of individuals as there are more things to take into consideration other than website design and functionality. These types of sites deal with a lot of personal information and thus privacy and security concerns come into play. Being that you are in the UK you should be already, if not you need to be, familiar with the EU Directive and the strict privacy laws under that directive.

So in addition to functional and design requirements you will need some privacy and security requirements as well which may extend beyond the expertise of some web developers as privacy, security and web development are completely different fields of expertise.

Just something to think about.


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I see several of these posts every week on various fora and they don't seem to go down to well. I think the fundamental problem is that if the idea is that good, then it should be possible to pitch it to a venture capitalist and get the few thousand needed to pay a website developer.


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Thankyou for the responses.

To Big Secz

My post is far too vague. The website is a jobs board but with some very unique elements that simply don't exist in the current market. The two largest elements are 1. A wide range of industry-specific, internationally-generic parameters, which will efficiently filter Building Designers on a global scale providing employers (our clients) with a drastically simplistic, time and cost efficient recruitment process, utterly revolutionary. And, 2. Once filtered the candidates will be presented to the employer in an organised and accessible manner, no mini-websites or profile pages, small profile 'slips' where the employer can go directly on the information they require. This really is a brief, general assessment though, hence the necessity for a Web Designer on board to advise. Fully appreciate there is far more to consider regarding personal information and privacy; this is one a very large number of issues we are tackling.

To Pheno

Fair point. The issue is that for any group to be prepared for Venture Capitalists they need to have a particularly strong, thoroughly thought through business model with no cracks to be picked up on; at present ours is based around a fictious website; we can only guess it can operate successfully. We need to work with a Web Designer partner far before getting to that kind of stage. Nobody would consider investising in a Web Design orientated group who were hoping to generate interest in a Construction-related business model, were they to have nobody from the actual industry invovled.

Thanks again guys.


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Substantial well established lifestyle website needs help

We are also looking for a web developer to take an equity stake in a large well established lifestyle site for single adults (not a dating site!) in return for work to develop the monetisation aspects of the site. Intimate knowledge of Joomla and PHP would be needed.


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As has already been mentioned, this sort of project needs funding.
Actually working on a similar project, but for trainees/apprentices.
My client is a large not for profit organisation.
They got their shit together to organise funding for the project.
It also included an overhaul of their intranet too.
Once we secured that, we convinced them to do a rebrand as well.

These kinds of sites take a long time, a lot of infrastructure, and need to be managed successfully in order for them to be meaningful.

If you cant convince a financial stakeholder on the benefits of having a website, i believe you are exluding the greatest calibre of potential developers, as these “cut of the profit“ type jobs, dont exactly “value“ our job very much.