eCommerce theme to sell both 1) items to deliver and 2) digital art to dowload

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by tedor2, May 9, 2014.

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  1. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sure, but trial and error when starting a business requires money. A capital sum that you can afford to lose, and judging by your comments in post #15 suggests that is not the case here.
  2. tedor2

    tedor2 New Member

    Agree. Thanks. I will try do my homework.
  3. Edge

    Edge Member

    How about these? or these

    Woocommerce can do digital download products as well as normal posted products.

    If you are a WP fan then we have had the most success with WooCommerce so far so it would be our recommendation. There are others -didn't like wp commerce.
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  4. tedor2

    tedor2 New Member

    Hi Edge,
    thanks for the input.

    WP is what I know so I think we will go with it, probably with Woo or Easy Digital Downloads as they feature both also.

    Best wishes, Kris
  5. Jewel

    Jewel New Member

    I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to do this with woo-commerce. It supports both...
    I have worked with several wordpress carts: The Shopping Cart Plugin from Tribulant, wp e-commerce, e-shop and woocommerce.

    Tribulants software is a one time fee per site (with a yearly fee if you want new updates). The upside is that several payment and shipping options are already included and free... and it integrates with most themes. The downside is that if you need something special, they will need to custom program it for you.

    Woocommerce has just about any extension that you might want to add later so for that reason that is now my preferred e-commerce plugin. The downside is that you have to pay for all these plugins. But of course they have to make money somehow. I found a website (, that will let you download almost all woocommerce extensions for a yearly fee which is about as much as paying for a UPS and Paypal Advanced plugin (so it's well worth it).
    Woocommerce has integration documentation, so you can adapt your theme to go with it but sometimes you will have to do quite some styling if it wasn't integrated with it. I would however recommend using a theme that is compatible just to take out some of the hassle.

    If you can't find a theme you like that is woocommerce friendly, check out the Ultimatum theme builder. It pretty much lets you build whatever you want and it integrates with woocommerce.

    The problem with Magento and other solid e-commerce frameworks is that they all look so boring, I think.
    I would caution you to use a theme with it's own proprietary integrated e-commerce function, because if the theme developer decides to not support it anymore, you have to start over (it happened to two clients of mine).
  6. tedor2

    tedor2 New Member

    hi Jewel,
    thanks for your info.

    I ended up buying a WP theme which supports WooCommerce:

    so far, I like it very much.

    As I still haven't found time to go through all the PCI complience issues, but I think we will go with having only a paypal gateway for a while. However I still have to figure out how that part works and which hosting to use to be safe (there is so much choice!)

    The ultimate Theme Builder looks quite good.. I think it must be a bit like Visual Composer.

    Yes, I decided to go against Magento and the adobe software as learning a new environment is time consuming.

    I might be able to get along with the basic Woo plugins for a while, however later I think I will have to purchase some (maybe from the GPL club) as I would like the website to sell a variety of products:

    1) Tea (post);
    2) Music (download + licensing);
    3) Video (something like vimeo);
    4) Visual art (download + licensing);

    1) is easy;
    2-3-4) is going to be a bit more difficult;


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