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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Dave Peters, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Dave Peters

    Dave Peters New Member

    Hi there

    I want to build a website in dreamweaver with cms-functionality.
    I have found many cms programs and I don't know which one I should choose.
    The site is for an artist who want to show pictures of his sculptures.
    Also he requested me to be able to put music he composes on it.
    Other people must be able to put their music on the site too thus a sort of audio blog thing.
    Now I don't know which software I can best use to build this. The purpose is that I make the site and that my client can edit it himself. I can work with MySQL and PHP.
  2. Geodun1

    Geodun1 New Member

    Your best bet might be to make your own CMS with only basic functionality. It doesn't sound like he needs most of the fancy features these large cms packages sell. I used to have a good guide, I'll look it up real fast...

  3. jnjc

    jnjc New Member

    I have to disagree with Geodun1 and say no way you should build your own CMS, there is no way it'll be cost effective for you to code functionality that is available in existing products.

    I use Joomla and it's pretty easy to customise things to fit. You can have a .php file (either one that fits all pages or you can have a completely separate one for each page). Design you page in dreamweaver, cut it to html and then in the relevant sections you put php calls to take the content from the DB and display it.

    That way you can have any sort of page layout you want but you get the advantage of a stable backend.

  4. Bronzy

    Bronzy New Member


    Dreamweaver and Flash are two different software in making web sites .Dreamweaver is a graphics related software there most of the coding are used But CMS is a content management system and a user friendly.
  5. pingeyeg

    pingeyeg New Member

    I feel it all depends on how well you know PHP and MySQL. I created a CMS for my clients to use in a matter of days. Yeah it was basic, but my clients were happy so therefore I was happy.
  6. Lally Nettie

    Lally Nettie New Member

    So far I've tried Drupal (and the changes to default themes are limited). I'm looking for something more versatile that comes with themes of varing styles that can be changed.

    I researched Joomla and Mambo, but I'm not sure if they have a Theme Generator built into the system, although they do have external software that is limited.

    Do you know of any cms with multiple default themes that can be manipulated (graphics, menus, and more)?
  7. conor

    conor New Member

    drupal and wordpress are both good and you could add to them to get the music thing going.

    joomla is a good idea for something like this. it is a big CMS with many functions. The one downside, in my opinion, is that joomla is a bit complicated for the lay man to get to grips with. Its a learning curve to get around but its a very powerfull CMS.
  8. Geodun1

    Geodun1 New Member

    I just felt that what his client was looking for is a lot more basic than what Joomla and other CMS packages offer. By making his own he not only gets a much more intimate knowledge of PHP, but gains a custom CMS he can tailor a lot easier for future projects. It might just come down to my DIY attitude though.
  9. thekemist

    thekemist New Member

    There is a CMS one of my friends uses which plugs in directly into Dreamweaver called Pegboard. you can see info on it here pegboard
    it uses tags as apposed to coding the thing yourself. I cant imagine building one up from scratch would be a very cost effective way for you. depends on whether its just simple add/edit page type thing or if you want to do more such as shopping carts, newsletters etc
  10. horrorshow75

    horrorshow75 New Member


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