Does this counts as click?


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hiiii every one,

I was just wondering if you put your site in easyhits4u . com

And when you add some credits to your site.

And when people start watching all sites does it count as click when they see your site or not?


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But the thing is, once people stop going... your site will not be as "popular" so it really doesn't help. The best thing to do is find people to trade ad space with and get your site on top of google. If you would be interested in trading some space, let me know.


You have to get your site to top ten on google first page, and I don't think it will count.(correct me if I'm wrong, thanks)


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Yes, that's counted as click. But you need to diversify your links. You should do other things to boost your traffic.


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If they click on ad of your site then it will obviously count as a click but keep in mind if you are working with adsense the you will loose your adsense account as getting traffic from there is against adsense policies.


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I think that one does count as a click. But just like @ishie has said, focus on other methods to drive more traffic. Build as much links as possible to boost your site traffic.
If you visit any site and click any link then Google search engine counts it one click. many visitors come to your website and stay sometime but not click anywhere then it will not count as a click.