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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by avinnik, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. avinnik

    avinnik New Member

  2. RadixHosting

    RadixHosting New Member

    That would require knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, CSS, maybe some JavaScript and a programming language such as PHP or ASP.NET.

    All I can say is visit and buy some books :) There's no "kickstart" for this.
  3. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    if buying books is not an option for you for which ever reason, start reading and learning via the web. sites such as or are a good starting point. google is your friend! :)
  4. tanjh

    tanjh New Member

    Do you want to learn how to design? Or do you just want to create a great site?
  5. RadixHosting

    RadixHosting New Member

    Looking at the example sites he posted, I guess he wants both.
  6. Seo1

    Seo1 New Member

    Hi Guys can you tell me where can i get good tutorials for web designing. I am really interested in learning designing as it will help alot for doing something .Advance thanks for the help.
  7. bcackerman

    bcackerman New Member

    check out some html and css books from the library, kinda scan them though, do some of the exercises and you'll be fine in no time.
  8. butteredsausage

    butteredsausage New Member


    go to a book store and browse through books on what you want to learn. then go to amazon or w/e and buy them. or you can take a class and have someone read the book to you... either way, online tutorials are best at enforcing points rather than learning a broad skill like web design. there are too many different parts. graphic design, web design, css, programming languages...
    books and such will only teach you how to do something in best practice or how to achieve a certain effect, but trying stuff on your own is what custom web design is all about.
  9. dchelix

    dchelix New Member

    As an experienced professional web developer, I can tell you it takes a lot of time and practice. I'd strongly recommend using a resource site, is a good one. is where I learned basic HTML many years ago. They also have lots of other resources for you to use as well.

    For specific tutorials with programs, I'd recommend

    Whenever you make a new design, post it on some web design forums for other web designers like me to review and give you some constructive criticism and advice.

    Over time you will get better, and your creativity will open up more than it ever has.
  10. e-webtemplates

    e-webtemplates New Member

    You can use free webiste templates to start building your site.
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  11. darsh999

    darsh999 New Member

    hw can u frget gogle!!

    nd plus there are many sites fr tutorials.. but very less fr stock as far as i know.

    fr stock fotos nd references u can look up

    an awesome site.
  12. kiko_friendly

    kiko_friendly New Member

    Ew...all of those sites are blocked on my school computers. o_O Protecting my wee eighteen year old self...gah to censorship.
  13. OSEKmedia

    OSEKmedia New Member

    Just make sure you learn how to use css and divs because tables are history.
  14. OSEKmedia

    OSEKmedia New Member

    Google is a great start.. Web 2.0 Design tutorials
  15. Niteo

    Niteo New Member

    learn css and layers, use transparency and soften edges of graphics by using subtle shadows and grad masks to get that flow. Making the graphics and the content flow seamlessly is an art and getting it right can make a site go from so so to so amazing awesome.

    A good website, i find, is original, doesn't look like a cookie-cutter template site, has a good use of colors, has a clean design, has that flow between text based content and graphic based content, and just has that extra amount of detail not found in quick, fly-by-night web sites.

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