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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by cyberdread, May 9, 2005.

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  1. cyberdread

    cyberdread New Member

    I have a table with a flash movie inside, within a div on my html page. linked to the div (id-all) is a CSS external stylesheet with the code:
    width: 886px;
    margin: 0 auto

    this centres my flash movie on the middle of the page (horizontal)

    the problem is: there is large gap of several pixels from the top to the flash movie where you can see the black background. And yes I checked table border=0 and cellpadding is also 0.

    What CSS code do I add to keep the div in the centre but 0pixels from the top?
  2. StephanieCordray

    StephanieCordray New Member

    If you are using Dreamweaver it could be a cellspacing problem rather than cellpadding which you said you set to 0
  3. cyberdread

    cyberdread New Member

    no i use flash 5 to make the movies.
    export movies, and write html page with notepad loadin the flash movies with code i write there.
  4. cyberdread

    cyberdread New Member

    it was the whitespace between the height and embed tags. weird
    but problem solved.

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