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Discussion in 'Programming' started by Brodzko, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Brodzko

    Brodzko New Member

    Hi there,

    does anyone of you have any experience with building your own CMS systems? If so, what "complexity level" was it? Any advices on how to proceed / any literature or links to read?

    Thanks! :)
  2. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Very, I coded my own BBCode style language parser, templating system and language parser and editor modules, including a CSS file editor.

    Unless you want a project that will take over most of your life ------- Don't!!

    And one day I might even decide that mine is finished. :)
  3. Brodzko

    Brodzko New Member

    Most of my life? No way! :D I was only hoping for something a little "short-termed" :D I am willing to do some system for my own needs, nothing like WP or Joomla or stuff. Just my CMS. Let's call it "coding training" :)
  4. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :) Mine began as a coding exercise, about fifteen years ago :) The ones there were about at that time didn't impress me that much, so I decided I could do better and at the same time develop exactly what I wanted.

    But yes it is a great way to learn all the pitfalls and how to make some thing that is secure (hopefully) and usable.

    Have a look at this
  5. Harveykburns

    Harveykburns New Member

    creating your own content management through php is good option because it is very easy to creating.
  6. remmus

    remmus New Member

    ya,it's a good idea.I already created a little CMS for my's simple but it helps me very much.
  7. Ennesus

    Ennesus New Member

    Mostly I use open source CMS systems for my websites like Wordpress.
    I've made a CMS before just a admin area but I prefer to make WP Plugins for functionality that's not in Wordpress
  8. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    When you're writing the CMS, you consider the most obvious changes people will want to make, and centralise their configuration.
  9. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    An excellent point, but do try to not rely on yourself to decide what they are ASK people what they would like to be able to change.

    In mine I created a "write your own BBCode" where you set your own place holder and the text that replaces it, which can of course, also be used as a "word censor".
  10. pisarek

    pisarek New Member

    Actually it depends on what are you going to create, what programming language are you going to use?
  11. groovix

    groovix New Member

    Open-source is limited, while they offer to much features that the customer will not need and can be confusing for them. With your own cms you can give your users/customers a lot better experience.

    For example, in Belgium there is 6% and 21% VAT.
    If an order has only 6% VAT products, the shipping VAT is also 6%.
    With 21% products, the shipping is also 21%.
    With 6 and 21% products, the shipping VAT is 6% ...
    Good luck for customizing this in Magento for example.
  12. mango01

    mango01 New Member

    How to create CMS system?
  13. Cromer

    Cromer New Member

    If you decide to create your own CMS I would suggest you to use PHP, since most of the major CMS systems use PHP such as Joomla, Wordpress
  14. shovenose

    shovenose Banned

  15. Edge

    Edge Member

    I think you need to think about what level you want to code at. Take PHP as an example. Do you want to create PHP code from scratch or do you want to leverage existing PHP frameworks? I have to say my developers very rarely touch PHP these days and I'm pretty sure on the review site we built the developer didn't touch a line of PHP.
  16. smithraj

    smithraj Banned

    WordPress and Jomula is the best CMS Software to create web templates easily.
  17. rwebber77

    rwebber77 New Member

    I created a custom PHP CMS for a job-posting website a client wanted, NEVER again. There are so many free CMS frameworks that blow mine away, and I just don't have time to continuously improve my CMS like the others (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Concrete 5, etc.).
  18. JoshuaReen

    JoshuaReen New Member

    it is a great idea to create own CMS system. It will be too tricky, but will be interesting. I am student of software engineering, and also learning PHP, and will try to create my own CMS in future.

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