Code/Script for Date?

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by DesignFreak, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. DesignFreak

    DesignFreak New Member

    Hi there, I'm new to web design. I already made a layout with dividers. I was wondering how I can put the date in this format:

    02 October 2011

    or something similar on the divider bar I made? I want the date to appear on every entry (similar to a blog made from scratch). How can I position it? I know some basic html, but I'm still rather perplexed about CSS.

    Thanks! :)
  2. MarkR

    MarkR New Member

    There's 2 ways you can do it, using PHP or JavaScript.

    Look at PHP's date

    JavaScript's date
  3. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    you don't necessarily have to put the date in all the pages. you can put the date in a frame.. then you build the other pages in a separate frame..
  4. MarkR

    MarkR New Member

    Although that achieves the end goal, it's actually more complicated and less search engine friendly than a simpler solution.

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