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Discussion in 'Requests' started by AainaA, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    Our Magazine both offline and online is due to be launched April/May {Spring Edition} 2005. The magazine is slanted to Lifestyle. We're now currently accepting applications for both our online/offline magazine

    • Moderators for the Lifestyle Forum
    • Correspondants
    • SEO
    • Freelance Writers / Writers / Reviewers
    • Programmers / Developers / Conceptualist
    Moderators {3}

    If you have a broad knowledge in Music, Sports, Gadgeteries, Software / Hardware, and are patient and intelligent {meaning you will not print out silly answers when members/subscribers question on certain issues}, please forward your application, your current remuneration, and expected remuneration for the position. The position entails you to be part of our publishing team, and henceforth, truancy is not encouraged :)

    Correspondants {maximum 12}

    Correspondants needed in...
      • Travel + Tours
      • News slanted and relevant to the business community in your area
      • Lifestyle
      • Interviews of personalities in your area / city
    If you have an excellent command of the English language, and have experiences in the above, please submit your application plus sample copies of your work, expected remuneration, and a short "essay" on why best hire you. Ideally you should be either an expert, or professionally engaged in the industry.

    SEO {1}

    Working with our team of online developers, you will work to ensure that the online magazine and its brand of products get the maximum exposure on search engines. Ideally you're an expert, or have more than 3 years experience in this industry. Please submit your application, with URL links, and Stat reports of companies you've dealt with in the past, and a short "essay" on how best you would, when hired, approach the SEO of the publication. Do not forget to state your current remuneration, and expected remuneration for this position, should you be interested in being part of the Team.

    Writers/Reviewers {12}

    We're both looking for experts in...
    • Game Reviews
    • Software / Hardware Reviews
    • Business Articles
    • Health Issues
    • Discovery - Science and Technology
    • Lifestyle Reviewers - Music / Exhibitions / Business expositions /
    Should you be an expert writer / reviewer for the above or have been blogging in excellent English for more than a year, please submit your application, samples of your work, including a full resume {Curriculum Vitae} and expected remuneration.

    Programmers/Developers {4}

    The bulk of how the site stays maintained, and fresh.

    Content developers {2} are being sought, and Programmers {2} with experience and expertise in CSS, Javascript/Java, HTML/PHP/PERL/MySQL, Security, amongst the usual MX Flashbytes etc, are encouraged to apply for the position. You'll be the backend handling to ensure everything is running smoothly without glitches.

    Creative, you're likely to come up with proposals on how to effectively develope sites that are both interactive and cost-effective. Current and expected remuneration, URLS, Resume, and a covering letter should suffice. You would have had more than 3 years experience in developing, and/or content dev.

    All applications for the above should be addressed and couriered to:

    Ms. Aainaa-Ridtz A.R / Mr. Dirk Dzialoszynski
    enVogA {Malaysia} Pte Ltd
    21, USJ 1/2B, Subang Jaya, SDE
    Malaysia 47620
    No online applications will be accepted nor entertained. Please do not forget to include your updated resume {CV}, current and expected remuneration, hand written cover letter, and complete portfolio / samples of work {if necessary} to support your application.

    Closing Date 25th December 2004. Shortlisted applicants will be advised by mail.

    All the best,

  2. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    there is no way i would qualify their... short smart ass answers are what i do best! :p

    honestly, like i told you before, i wouldn't know where i in the picture. besides, i don't know how or what to write in a cover letter and my resume really isn't all that impressive either. in todays world it really doesn't matter what you know or can do, it's what you can make others believe you could do for them that counts.
  3. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    Hmmm is that what you really think? In a serious business, short smart ass answers that we normally dish out actually stumps us on the head, nailing us down in our grave so to speak :p

    and whether one's resume is impressive or otherwise is up to the potential / future employer to look into right? as to your last statement, it may be so in Germany, but not in Asia, where intelligence still plays a huge role.

  4. pipit

    pipit New Member

    mmmhhh... interesting. :)
    but, i think i'm too uncofidence to try those yet. :p
    have no experience.
  5. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    ahyooo this is not supposed to be a thread lah... its a classifieds, and i'm surprised at the outcome though... hmmm the only place in the www that you can find classifieds being answered to by members of the board. Schweet :)

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