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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by RoboticPro, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. RoboticPro

    RoboticPro New Member

    Good evening,

    My name is Brian van der Horst, I'm a programmer/(Noob) Designer from the Netherlands
    and I'm currently trying to re-design my website:

    But with everything I make I can't be satisfied with sadly..

    I have the following previews:

    I also designed a new logo the old one can be find at the main website
    the new one can be found at the new layouts. Which I'm pretty satisfied with.

    Can someone give me a push in the good direction or give some tips?

    Yours faithfully,
    Brian van der Horst
  2. thinkbomb

    thinkbomb New Member

    I like the original better than the three examples you gave. Have you thought about trying Wordpress? There are a lot of decent looking, free themes you can use.
  3. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    none of them really strike me as great, but you need to get a colour set sorted. adobe's kuler is an awesome online tool for this.

    the first layout doesnt have a menu, but it is probably the cleanest to work from.

    the buttons whilst its good your experimenting with these things look ghastly in that blue, as does the purple borders on the other one...

    I'd try and keep it really minimal. find a solid colour set and build from there.

    and a menu too.

    the logo...think it still needs some work...
  4. RoboticPro

    RoboticPro New Member

    @ThinkBomb: I don't think I'll use wordpress I worked several years on learning the code and it gives me 100% control so I rather use that.

    @PhilComforthost: Thanks but the ying yang concept is very general so I kinda need my own logo so i'll keep trying then.

    @Phreaddee I know about kuler i'll try to work with it and the first design the big text
    is the menu, One of the reasons I want to have a different layout is because it isn't

    @All Sorry for the late reaction apparently i don't receive email notifications...
    but I'll keep you updated ;)

    Thanks for the advice so far,
    Brian van der Horst
  5. che09

    che09 New Member

    I would say you can start here,though I would also add to have some color changes,such as the third lay-out the color is good!

    It does needs more attention!
  6. griffinella63

    griffinella63 New Member

    Your designs for me are pretty good. And I really like it. What do want to add on your designs? Well, good luck there friend.
    Ella @ Graphic Design Company
  7. duncanmulligan7

    duncanmulligan7 New Member

    I guess you need some more editing. You can find inspiration from the professional web designer's design. They're terrific. Visit their blog.
  8. RoboticPro

    RoboticPro New Member

    @griffinella63: I don't have the feeling this is good clean and proeffesional.

    @duncanmulligan7: uhm perhaps add a link?
  9. RoboticPro

    RoboticPro New Member

  10. Edge

    Edge Member

  11. Mobius

    Mobius New Member

    I may be being Cynical here . And I can understand where having a real made from scratch website would be the way to go if you were servicing web designers. But who out there knows if your using wordpress ?? Is it that much easier to impliment changes on a "real" website versus a template ? Is it putting a damper on the web designer's egos by running a "template" ... I hate to say it but all these sites look like they came out of a cracker jack box to me. I could understand once you had capitol to do a pro site , then maybe , but these resources are here now , why don't we use them ?? Every template i've seen on wordpress blows these away!! Is it a new learning curve for webbies to set up a word press ? I have even heard blogs can get somewhat better Search results then a plain site these days, due to the popularity of blogs. Can someone please explain ?

    Don't want to be harsh but , its like night and day to me ... ???
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2011
  12. DeatosLabs

    DeatosLabs New Member

    I have always considered templates to be something more of a starting point. I mean how many people honestly find a template that performs visually 100% as you want. But it is more common to find a template that somewhat suites your needs, and modify it to suite your needs.
  13. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    this is much better.. .direct and in a "bulls eye" way.. .although i should say that the yinywang is a little too covered.. .imho.. . :-D

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