Can you make money from ads with a wordpress blog?


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Hey everyone, I looked around the forum for this topic but didn't see it anywhere.

I'm starting a blog and signed up for a free wordpress blog, but before I dive deep into the content, I was wondering if I start getting enough traffic to make money, is this allowed on wordpress?

Google adsense or others, if you can't do this with there any free blog providers that you could charge for ads with? Blogger maybe?



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You can do with any, but you need to work hard to start making money.

Blogs are good for search engine, but you need tons of information and high traffic to make good money.


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In addition to AdSense-type ads, please do not use the following services on your blog:

Sponsored or paid posts, including PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and Smorty.
Affiliate or referral links to the following domains: usercash, clickbank, clickhop, cashrocks, payingcash.
Clicktrackers and any promotions of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising (i.e. MLM, network marketing, cash gifting, etc.).
Paid or sponsored post content is also prohibited.


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Before you can earn.. we need to have enough visitors and also how long you have the site up for.. I have few website,, i find it very hard to earn from ads.


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I doubt you would make much on a hosted blog
There are a lot of people who have made a lot using wordpress software on their own hosted site and domain, but they work on it every day without fail and are usually leaders in their particular niche.


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Blogs are good to earn money and search engines love blogs. You need to work hard, write unique and high quality content, engage the niche relevant people using social media buttons and websites. Adsense will only approve your account when you have high quality content and enough organic traffic from search engines. After this, you can earn good money from adsense.


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You need to have a custom domain, which means you cannot go for this on It must be .org or something else. Your domain, hosting and then earning. With Blogger, free blog platform you can apply for Adsense and start earning money.


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Very useful question, If your blog get good traffic then I prefer to purchase at lest some paid domain tld which cost you less then $5 per year. It will increase a value and trust in advertiser.


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If your blog has good traffic, you can start advertising on it. And get paid for it. It seems to me that no matter what cms.
Make an informative and intresting blog for people then increase traffic on your blog and Google search engine start to run ads to your blog. You can earn money when people visit your blog.