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Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by Bluey, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Bluey

    Bluey New Member

    I am interested in purchasing a modest but established web hosting business.

    I have a background in non-technical IT project management and have an accountant so I am not fazed about the general due diligence process to see if it's a viable concern.

    But what technical and customer related questions should I be asking during initial meetings?

    I don't have any web technical/server skills, just basic front end web knowledge (software packages, html) - what information should I be seeking from the hosting seller?

  2. New Member

    What service do you plan to buy?
  3. bermuda

    bermuda New Member

    You are recommended to look for taking part in reseller types of programs which today are being offered by a lot of top-rated companies than trying to buy an established business because that might demand a lot of work, employing some new people because you may not be able to perform all duties all by yourself. Searching the net, you can find a lot of companies offering very low-priced reseller types of packages and using them, you will be able to offer selling accounts to the global customers.

    Running a large hosting business online can demand dedication, spending a lot of cash to promote the services and not knowing whether or not they will ultimately lead to success and profitability. Reseller accounts on the other hand can be acquired very fast, sometimes within a few days or hours even and the best part of the story is that you do not even need to have technical knowledge as everything is already provided by the big company and you can easily sell the accounts.
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    If you do not personally have any technical/server skills, unless you have a tonne of money, I would look for a different sort of business or at least partner with somebody who does have the necessary technical skills.
    It is a very saturated market.
  5. griffinsdesigns

    griffinsdesigns New Member

    hostmonster and hostgator are some of the popular hosting providers.
  6. 4goodhosting

    4goodhosting New Member

    But they are not the best ones.

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