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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by chapeau_cheryl, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. sultan

    sultan New Member

    14 is best for bloggers promotions and traffic purposes
  2. benhuebner

    benhuebner New Member

    I use mainly social bookmarking, article marketing, SEO, blog communities techniques to promote my blogs!
  3. JohnLA

    JohnLA New Member

    By using wordpress, I can automatically update my facebook, myspace and twitter accounts with no problems. The plugins can make your posting easy. It can also rank well in Google as it can be optimized very well.

    Also, wordpress' interface is interlinked and have sitemap installed so the search engines won't have a hard time crawling it.
  4. rashida

    rashida New Member

    You can create and promote your blog in blog directories.
  5. jacksan

    jacksan New Member

    participating in blog directories and submit your comment on dofollow blogs with your blog link ..That will help you to drive more traffic
  6. moonheart

    moonheart New Member

    Posting frequently is one important factor for get your blog traffic. Then for promotion your blog some nice link building work are comment on dofollow blog, join dofollow forum etc.
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