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Discussion in 'Offers' started by, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. New Member

    44 ( AU - country extension for Australia and
    AD - Advertisement)
    --------finally this name is best suitable for classifieds site.

    and in that same list you can also find UKAD.Net where uk -united kingdom, and i already have an offerz at 400 pounds not dollars, and 325 dollars from two ....need to say anything!!!!!!

    and is 24 Hours and 365 Days, though they made up got more brain than others.........

    and number domains like 6869, NNN-N-NNNNN, these kind of names will generally purchased by chinese and japanese, they like numbers than words...........

    so njoy :) i got the money that i needed for timebeing, and will be back again............

    k njoy :)
  2. Vaelor

    Vaelor New Member

    Okay, I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what you're trying to say here, I think much of the linguistic subtleties are being lost in translation, so it's possible that some of the logic is also.

    Either way, I'm glad you're having success in the domain trading name, you obviously have a lot more capital to play with to begin with, as I certainly wouldn't take a chance wasting money on 90% of your domains, but I'm on a very tight budget, so I only buy domains for resale if I believe they're a pure gold investment.

    But hey, each to their own strategies. Best of luck to you! =)
  3. Vaelor

    Vaelor New Member

    I was just about to post a rant here about supposed domain "buyers" wasting our time, but then decided it would be more suited as a new thread in the Domains forum, so I posted there instead.

    Man, this industry really get on my nerves some days...
  4. New Member


    Those who dont have brains they will go for appraisals.
  5. Vaelor

    Vaelor New Member

    Yes, that was pretty much my opinion also. I made the mistake once of paying money for an appraisal - never will I make that mistake again! Pure waste of time and money.

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