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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by kapilmark, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Where exactly did I say that?????

    OF COURSE 'bounce' rate matters for conversions, that is EXACTLY what I AM saying, it just doesn't matter as a 'stand-alone' metric. Nobody should care about an 'average' bounce rate because it tells you nothing useful at all.

    Now a 90% 'bounce rate, with "from FaceBook" as the additional qualifier, actually provides useful information, it tells you that FaceBook marketing is a fairly pointless exercise in your particular marketplace. I do not, in absolutely no way suggest that'bounce rate' used properly has no purpose, but you do have to know HOW to analyse it properly.
  2. kabirthapar

    kabirthapar New Member

    Never mind tell me the "process of improving your website documents with the intention of increasing conversions and profitability". What process you follow for your own websites? Kindly give some light on that too.
  3. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sure, it is really quite simple, I don't work on web 'sites', I work on web 'pages'.

    Everything I do is best ('best' being what I consider ideal or useful) for the page and and possibly the site target audience. Why I say "possibly the site" is based on the fact that every single document URL (page) has to stand on it's own merit, with users and search engines. Individual URLs are what users see and read, and this is true even on 'big brand' sites, and individual URLs are what search engines crawl, index and show to their users.

    No-one really visits Amazon or eBay with the express idea of buying the first thing they see on the "home" page. In precisely the same way as they use Google, Yahoo! or whatever Bing is currently called this week, they visit a website 'home' page URL with the intention of using Search (capital 'S'), to find the individual URL they hope will 'solve' their current dilemma. Certainly people speak about 'home' pages as in "I found it on eBay" but if they link to what they bought, that link will be to a specific individual URL and that now becomes an "entry point", in this way EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT becomes your 'web site', so has to be optimal for whatever your "call to action" is because it may well be the one and only chance you have to make that conversion.

    This is one reason why I despise and am so denigrating in 'reviews' of 'sites' that employ the ridiculous "continuous scrolling" as it does NOT give the end user any indication of when to move on, instead it allows them to become bored with the process and move on, quite possibly before they located the item they were looking for. And before any one chips in with "it's okay for 'mobile'" let me assure you it isn't. it becomes a game of "Russian Roulette" where the viewer 'flicks' the screen then tries to stop it at something that might be close to what they want. If you think this is a "cool" idea I suggest you purchase a copy of "Don't Make Me Think!" by Steve Krug.

    As I am quite fond of saying, SEO was a misnomer from day one, because it gives almost everybody the wrong idea of what it really is, it's not about search engines, it is about Search (with a capital 'S'), and Search has become what it always was going to be, ... ... Ubiquitous. Search is everywhere, a better way to think about SEO is to rename it to Site Experience Optimisation where the aim is make the "User Experience" on your pages as hassle-free as possible, Optimisation is the process of making something "Optimal", which means "The best it can possibly be" and being the best IS what you should be working towards.

    It is not about 'key' word URLs, Heading elements (Hn tags), Alt attributes, keyword density, or frequency, having nnn number of words, 'x' number of backlinks or any other of the "factors" that 'experts' claim to have specific knowledge of and it is most certainly not about "rankings". It IS about reaching users who, after all is said and done ARE the ones who will buy your products or read your articles and might just click through to one of the adverts you may have on your 'pages'.
  4. Mark White

    Mark White New Member

    Keyword Research
    Good Content
    Build Links
    Social Media

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  5. jainteq

    jainteq Member

    Great information provided. It is really helpful.
  6. hariandro95

    hariandro95 New Member

    some of best steps in seo are
    • Improve user-experience
    • Ensures readers coming from search engine spend a lot of time on your site. If they hit back button quickly, chances are your ranking would drop quickly too.
    • If you are writing long content, use bucket brigade copywriting technique to ensure users stays on your page.
    • Use Benefit driven sub-heading to make your content more appealing
  7. website7

    website7 New Member

    on page and of page activities
  8. adultcreative

    adultcreative New Member

    fixing all errors, improving page-speed, writing compelling content, content-marketing your content through social networks..
  9. Russell Sandford

    Russell Sandford New Member

    Good quality content, good on-site SEO, quality off-site work thru link building, social media... there are lot of things involved in proper SEO.
  10. Haniska

    Haniska New Member

    seo and sem , smm should come, which gives our site more importance than these...
  11. Kim Kiav

    Kim Kiav New Member

    Create good content on and off your website. Have a regularly updated blog. Dont ignore social media traffic as it is now boosting rankings for many websites.

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