Automatically Image Cycling Script

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by etangins, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. etangins

    etangins Member

    I am looking for a simple, quick, and easy code or script that would make a slideshow of images cycling after about five seconds. More specifically, I want something like what is on this website (I don't need the text to change on the website). I have noticed this on several websites, or something very, very similar and I have found a lot of scripts that would do things like what I want, but I wanted the shortest, simplest, and easiest method possible. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Rockerfeller

    Rockerfeller New Member


    A little bit of JQuery will do the trick. You can write your own code or use one of the libraries that can be found on google.

    Personally, I'd use an existing library. Why code something when it already exists? It may be the best way to get a professional look and feel.

    Otherwise, if you really want to code it yourself, use javascript's setInterval() and call a function that changes the opacity and z-index of your images with jQuery's animate() method.

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