Affordable & Fast Clipping Path Service Provider.


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Color Experts International (CEI) provides high quality Photoshop clipping paths (image outlining or Photoshop silo/silhouette/knockout) to knockout background. CEI uses Adobe Photoshop Pen tool (not the Magic Wand tool, quick masking, extract filter or other masking software) exclusively for the clipping paths. As opposed to other methods of digital image masking, 100% of image outlining and clipping path are performed manually. Because of the focus on this niche, the professionals at the CEI are efficient to deliver only the highest quality clipping paths.

You will get 2 free trials to judge our quality and services.

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I see that some of these are more than just clips. So you added gradients and shadows too when necessary? Also do you do any conversion of clipped paths to a SVG format?