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hi guy's me again... i was hoping you guy's could give me some advice with adsense ads.. approx.. 3days ago i got the ads working and.. since then i have had 4click's on the first day... and then no clicks, so can you guy's tell me what im doing wrong.. or give me a few pointers:) this is my site--- my site

oh yeah i average around around 100unique visitors a day.. all from google... i get none from yahoo...:mad: !


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ian said:
You could try placing the ads higher in the page, might help.
yeah im working on there an easier way to add the ads to all my pages..instead of going one by one.. something like php include... or the likes


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I would suggest you go with a banner or half banner of text only ads at the top of your site, directly before the content. I would put the half banner text ad there, and at the bottom of the content on each page I would put a 250 x 250 text ad. Good job blending the ads into your sites design, that would of been my third suggestion. You always want smaller ads near the top of your site because since they have fewer competing ads, you can be sure that the ad displayed will result in the highest CPC. AQnother suggestion I would make would be to add them at the bottom of your navigation. Ads located at the bottom right of your site just don't perform well in my experience. I have an article that may help you at me site:
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